So let's speculate on 3.6

In the recent announcement for the upcoming skin packs it was stated near the end of the article that a patch 3.6 is on its way. While I’m as excited as anyone else to see first hand what the new skins look like (and maybe purchase a few myself, if interested), I’m actually more interested in knowing what changes/alterations will come about with this upcoming patch. Will it be something major, like a newly reworked arcade or story mode? Or perhaps something a little more minor, like a few more balance changes and bug fixes?

Thoughts? Anyone and everyone is welcome to speculate below. Have at it.


Also, the article stated, and I quote: “Our ultimate goal is to deliver what you crave most.”

So, what is it that our community craves most out of KI?

Here’s to hoping the PD experiment rollouts 3.6.

My guess is either one of three things.


Probably the new PD changes as well.

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Updates to the way shadow lab works, and possibly more shadow slots. More changes/updates to SL mode.

Maybe some balance changes and more stuff to Shadow Lords, and new skins like the Terror skins.

Good chance that the PD Changes could come in this patch.

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I’d agree on the Shadow Lords updates. I’ve kinda felt like with the way it’s setup for story, gameplay and items, Shadow Lords is never truly ‘done’.

But as far as the rest of what could be included, i’m kinda not too sure. The potential damage could be there, as Keits said himself. But with the KI World Cup coming up soon, i dunno if they want to introduce much more game changing mechanics. The last thing anyone wants to have happen is a situation where a character is unplayable due to a game breaking bug. I think Glacius had such a bug not too long ago. And ARIA had her struggle much more recently.

It could be something not alltogether expected. See Spinal’s most recent buff that i don’t think any of us saw coming. The fact that that made it into the patch had me thinking that there might be other buffs and nerfs planned for other characters, his was just the one that was ready in time.

It could be another tweak patch, like the latest one. More tune-ups and small frame data kinda changes.

It could lead to more cosmetic changes. More skins, more costumes and accessories, different changes to UI.

I think the one thing i’d wish for (and don’t really have much hope for) is expansion and updating both their Dojo and Practice Mode. I would like a refreshed dojo obviously. But i would kill for an online training mode and a functioning input readout for your opponent during replays.

I’ll save that hope for a possible KI sequel.

They’re gonna buff all our mains and nerf all our bad match ups!


Our ULTIMATE goal.


I don’t even know wtf it is that I crave most!

So Gargos will now summon pillows and flowers instead of his minions?

Jago nerfs I assume, they will finally remove his frame advantages just watch.

Curse you @TheKeits!

You mean venomous and carnivorous flowers that inflict potential damage and bites my enemies, making them unable to move?
You mean pillows which softens my enemies attacks, so their attacks are harmless to me?

Sounds neat! ■■■■ Izzik and Dretch!
Say hello to pillowpuf and biteyourparts-silvestris!

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More lore of course that and bugs fixes and game balancing.

They’ve always had a way with words :wink:

Cannibal flowers? Wouldn’t that mean that they eat other flowers?

You mean… Carnivorous flowers that scream POISON BITE! every time they inflict the PD nom. :smiley:


I crave working controller support that was broken with shadow lords and hasn’t worked since.

Language barriers :grin:
Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


I could fancy some more lines for Mike to yell at me with.

I would like to have Gargos announcer and lower the grind amount for skins.