So let me get this straight, we can preorder friday?

It could be going for $100 on Friday and I would still get it, because the game is just that awesome - oh, and that’s when I get paid. :wink:

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Lets hope its priced fairly for its content.

well they said tis sometime ago in an article:

Combo pack: 19.99

Ultra pack: 29.99

I think that’s the accurate pricing at least concerning with Costumes.

That would be more reasonable. Imo.

I hope thats correct. Hopefully we can get info on pricing for everything come friday.

Is there any chance to see a bundle option including season 1,2 and 3 ultra edition? I havent bought the game, so that would be sweet

I would be stunned if there wasn’t a bundle like that.

Was that the case in the release date of season 2? bundle? day one?
I hope thats the case, I really want all the content the 29th.
thats why I havent buy the deal with gold of season 2 USD 13, I dont know what to do.

Well, if you got season 1 free in jan, then I would buy season 2 ultra now, and then just get season 3 when it launches, it would be cheaper.

I didnt get s1 because I just bought my X1, I tried to find s1 in the store but it is not available. I guess I hav to wait until friday to decide … , last Q for how long the deals with gold last?
Thank you!!

Deals with gold last a week.

I agree, until they announce exactly what we’re getting, I will not pre-order either. As of now, there is less content.

Still hoping they have something big to reveal…

I know many of you are not gonna like what I am gonna say, Since s1 was free and season 2 ultra is USD 13 , can we expect a s1,s2,s3 ultra edition for 59.99? I know many of you guys paid much more for those seasons but content gets old and it depreciates, I hope no one got offended.

Maybe 24.99 for those of us who own season 1& 2.

I can’t see all 3 seasons being released ultra for 60, maybe 80 or 90 tho?

The rumor is its 30, which seems fair.

90? that’s is crazy, remember the free s1 stuff and the actual price of season 2, I know MKX has nothing to do here, but I got the XL edition for USD 60 for the ps4 which has 33 characters with variations. I cant imagine a bundle with that price after 2 years launch etc. I really like this game but that price is CRAZY. We will see on friday how it goes

90 is more then fair, I personally think thats about as high as they go with all 3 ultras in a bundle, you have to remember that ultra 1 and 2 include the ORIGINAL GAMES

Is it preorder for PC to? I’m coming into KI through PC and since there’s no game on the Windows store to access the in-game KI store I’m wondering how that will work.

I belevie there’s a good reason to do that.

Which version of the pack you plan on getting, and if at any rate, you may wanna figure out how much you’re gonna need.

Well here’s what we know so far content wise for this season:

We’ll have a full 8 characters, 3 stages, etc. That’s about it mostly oh and the retro’s included.

I’m not offended one bit. As a matter of fact I would suspect the combo pack may be 59.99 because if you think about it: that’s all three seasons, each 20 dollars which is about 60 dollars. The Ultra Editions seasons 1 and 2 were about 39.99 each so that’s about 80 dollars together. You include the 30 dollars for Ultra edition it’s a 110.00 likely I say this because you’re also getting the classic arcade game as well.

This a mere guess however so I wouldn’t take my word on that.

It’s all the same game apprantley, if you buy it on the MS store you should be able to play it on your Windows 10 PC.