So ki comes out tomorrow

it took a long time but not really since i been playing other games on my pc. what are you most exited for the most in session 3 i happpy to be able to play it now since i have a pc in don’t play console in i can’t wait to rekt everyone with my rash :smile:

A pity I need a couple of days to install everything (low connection). Moreover, following the countdown, it should be available at 7 PM GMT + 1 Tomorrow here in Italy.

Are we to expect a launch trailer beforehand? Would be nice to know what we’re getting, characters etc…

They said we should get a trailer today (or better, for me, tonight).

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yep come out today if you live in the us

I’m in the UK, so tonight hopefully…

The season 2 trailer came out about 6pm GMT, so hopefully soon

I think a trailer would be pointless now. The people most excited already know it releases tomorrow.

Trailers are actually not targeted at us, but the people that don’t follow the game news, so it will still serve its purpose.

However, we’re less than 24-hours away and still no mention of the additional game modes. Frustrating. At this point, I can only assume those are coming wayyyy later. or not at all.

it would be more mods just wait to it comes out

Knowing what characters are coming out, or at least silhouettes like last time, would be ideal.

Yep, KI Twitter said it’ll be coming

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The trailer will help the game, but they need to shut up about halo long enough to show it

The trailer could still have a surprise or two. We didn’t hear about stage ultras until the Season 2 Launch trailer, remember?

Stage Ultras were announced at Evo, that was a good three months before the S2 launch.

Oh, my bad…
but what if we get the silhouettes of the remaining characters?

Silhouettes may not happen. I think they will, but they may not. Adam has stated that if they did silhouettes we’d most likely know the remaining cast. He did say this in regards to a guest character (who we now know to be The Arbiter) and Eyedol, but they could skimp on that bit and only show a blurry mess instead.