So jumping randomly or backwards is the best strategy for this game?

If not, why does everyone seem to do it non stop? This game needs more anti-air options.

That’s one of the big reasons I stopped playing SF, I was getting bored to tears with people running away the entire match jumping around like idiots hoping to land one big combo, rinse and repeat. Yes, I see you jumping in the corner, yes I’m bored, go ahead you can have this match, got no time for this boring crap. And that game had a lot of anti air options. lol This game not so much.

But this game has a lot of anti-aircraft options… More than Street Fighter, IMO. :frowning:

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Pro strategy for sure.

But this is Season One footage. The game was a bit different compared to today. It’s really not that bad.

There are many ways to knock people out of the air. Explore possibilities! :smile:

Also, that’s Sadira. She is supposed to jump that much. One of the best Aerial Characters in the game.


You need to learn how to control the neutral. Walk them to the corner and trap them. If they escape and keep jumping back, walk them to the other corner, and trap them again.

FYI: all noobs jump in all FGs. It is something all players have to deal with.


Lol what?? This game has several characters that get full combos with their full screen anti-airs.


Be glad they didn’t go the mvc3 route-

That’s Jump O Rama City


Man you need to stop complaining and just either practice or ask someone for help on here nicely. You are totally coming off as salty and whiny.

It would help more if you stated who you are using and who is giving you trouble. Other wise we cant really help you that much.

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There’s not a lot that can be done about novice players doing novice things. You can try to provide resources to help them get better at the game and ease up on the erratic jumping, and hopefully more of that kind of thing gets made, but otherwise less-skilled players are going to find some sort of crutch to lean on, and games against them are going to be tedious and uninteresting because of it.

Dude be quiet, no one said they had trouble against them just that they’re boring to fight against.

Ok, then. Get a better rank and fight better players then.

Its simple. Scrubs and newbs in every fighting game jump around like crazy because other scrubs and newbs don’t know how to counter it.

Get a better rank and fight better players.


I never said only scrubs were doing it, I said almost everyone is doing it. smh It’s too effective and boring to fight against especially against characters without a low startup anti-air option. You’re just going to get stomped if you approach or get knocked down. I’m sure you’re all ranked number 1 though.

Every character has an anti-air.

Even if you for some reason are not good enough to hit an anti-air move, the priority system takes 1 “priority point” away from air moves, so you can counter hit (or trade) with any grounded Heavy move.

No, some characters do not have good anti-air options on wake up, please be quiet.

You didnt specify “on wake up”.

Having to get up off the ground is a side-effect of being Knocked down. Dont get hit, and that wont happen.

The title of this thread is: “Jumping Randomly Backwards”

No need to be so hostile. Who are you playing as that you’re having trouble with their jumping?

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I only jump about because some characters are slow to move and cant run, but usually it’s because some ■■■■■■■ is just jumping away from me but I’ve compensated for it usually juat staying back and blocking if they want to be ■■■■■■■■ I’ll just do nothing and let time run out that’s fine by me

Thus the it’s boring part. Sure, I can sit back full screen all day, isn’t that fun? No, stop playing like little girls and fight.

I can tag about 20 people that could destroy anyone who just jumps backward all day.

There IS a solution to your problem. Calm down and take the advice, and try to find a way that works for you.