So if there are only 3 levels, what about all of the new music?

From earlier comments from IG I was under the impression we were getting a whole new soundtrack worth of new music for this new Season. And in my mind, that meant that every new character was getting their own music - just like for Seasons 1 and 2.

However, from S 1 and 2, the music is attached to the characters’ individual stages. So if we’re only getting 3 stages in Season 3, where/how do we hear all of the characters’ new music?

For example, we now know that Rash does not have a stage, (since the 3 stages are now confirmed to belong to Kim Wu, Arbiter and Tusk) but he def has his own theme song. So when do we get to hear it?

That’s something we might have to hold out until March 1st for news.

They’ve already said (likely in the same threads you’re already referencing) that every character will have their own music. They also said they will explain how this will work without everyone having a stage - on March 1st we will find out whatever information is revealed to the press tomorrow.

Not really much discussion to be had until we have the full breadth of information.

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We might get in-game music where we have the option to play the music. Or even a fully rendered 3d model of said character with a graphic art of their stage and theme. I mean, I can’t imagine the themes not being made, I wouldn’t expect them to not somehow be in the game.