So..if i pre order ki season 3 ultra edition i get double xp for ever?

I heard some ppl mention this…and just wanted to see if it was true or not

Even if you just buy the Ultra Edition post-launch, apparently. The KI Gold (or specifically the amount thereof) is the preorder bonus.

so…yes on the permanent double xp for all character??

Yes. But maybe you should go to the Dev Tracker, which you can select from the top menu of the forum home screen, and scroll through until you find @rukizzel himself confirming this. (Unless Rukari wants to drop a quick confirmation since we have his attention now?)

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i just hope the xp icons fade away when you reach lvl 50.

Correct. Double XP for life!


Is possible to receive the DOUBLE XP retroactive? Ex: double xp for every point that I have already acquired on the S1 and S2. It will be really very awsome benefits.

No that is not possible.

Looking forward to Eternal Double XP, with Kim being 2XP for the week, with Boosters on.

3 Matches, and I’m level 50. LOL XD

@rukizzel I have a question about season 3 if we purchased the ultra edition will we get that 3 days early like we did before or it just can’t happen

Nope. 29th of March. Same time as everyone else.

@rukizzel it’s possible to refund What we bought on xbox and buy the supreme bundle? (PC player)

Lifetime double XP starts March 29th.

I have seem some threads floating around talking about this. Probably want to give them a read.

I saw how its being implemented after I made this post @rukizzel thanks for the response

Got refunded. Thanks a lot :3.

Gonna wait so badly the Supreme Edition right now.