So I was thinking about a new type of tournament. KING OF THE HILL

So I was thinking about a new type of tourney I thought of it would use the king of the hill your lobby and I would have a lobby of 7 going, and after about 30 matches, whoever was left at the top, (or the person with the most wins) would win, that tourney. Then id run about 4 More through the month with.different people, and then the winner of those would go into one last king of the hill lobby to fight to see who is the best (prizes included) again this is just an idea so i haven’t come up with every nook and cranny, but what do you guys think? Any more ideas?


It’s a good idea, although whoever was left at the top could see a lot of sandbagging in the earlier rounds. Best to have total wins in the lobby.

This just sounds like a lobby tournament.

Is the prize propane and propane accessories ?

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It is