So I got an arcade stick

It’s not my first time using one but it’s my first time committing to a decent one… well entry level decent one mayflash elite 300.

I’m on Xbox and I went from the OG Xbox controller to the wired fighting Commander OCTA which is okay but I don’t love it.

I’ve been playing so much stupid killer instinct I think I’m giving myself arthritis.

I heard the learning curve is maybe a month or so is that about accurate switching from a pad to a stick. Is that about right?

It’s different for everyone, but I guess that’s maybe about right?

Just don’t get discouraged if you suffer losses at first from execution errors and start second guessing yourself. Stay committed to the controller you feel gives you the best advantage.

Really though, what may help out immensely, go to training and try doing your special inputs over and over and aim for being able to consistently hit the special inputs several times in a row. Most people struggle with the Dragon Punch style inputs so those are some you may want to put the biggest part of practice in on learning. Doing this may accelerate your learning curve somewhat. Pros typically like execution to the point where you get your special input 100 times out of 100, but getting the inputs consistent enough to hit like 10 out of 10 or 20/20 would be pretty good too.

Luckily, KI is a game that’s very forgiving on the execution front, given the auto combo system where combos don’t rely on super tight links like Street Fighter or something, and that most motions aren’t very difficult to input and have shortcut inputs too.

That’s a great response man thank you