SO how many guets willl be in ki

I thought i remember keths saying in one of the steams that it would be 3 in if i had to pich one more it would be captain falcon but that an;t happening

Ummm… That won’t happening because Arbiter and Rash are own by MS. Captain Falcon is not part of “Xbox”.

As much as I’d love Falcon Punching the KI Universe, no thanks. LOL

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Copyright wont allow it.

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General RAAM or Skorge (gears of war)
Johanna Dark (Perfect dark)
Spawn (Spawn comics)
Q (Street fighter 3 Third Strike)
Yoshimitsu, Bryan fury or one of the Mishimas (Tekken)
NIghtmare (Soul Calibur)

My options

My prediction for S3 roster

3 returning
3 guests
3 new

For whatever reason, I’ve always recalled two being the number of guest characters they’ve said would be in (a then hypothetical) S3. Two is just right I think. Three means nearly half the roster isn’t actually tied into the universe, which I think would be a shame lore wise.

So I’m personally hoping it’s just Arbiter and Rash at this point. If we get a S4 then sure, give us another two guests, but I’m personally mostly interested in the lore of the actual KI universe.

I would love a Capcom rep, be it Street Fighter, Devil May Cry or Darkstalkers

If I had to guess I would say the third could be a Phantom Dust rep

Arby, Rash, PD rep
Tusk, kim Wu, Gargos
Mira,Vampire,Pudding Monster

Now I want a pudding monster :sweat_smile:

:] o wow but the pudding will be every were

Haha, acceptable collateral damage.

But seriously a monster like Clayface fromthe batman the animated series would be cool😎

Skorge from gears! perfect fit for KI universe.

The only problem i have with Skorge i don’t thnk a lot of people know who he is i would much prether a charter that a lot of people know

Master Chief is a lot more popular than Arbiter yet that happened. Am sure Gears fans will instantly recognize Skurge.