So Ed Boon confirms MKXL for PC

Most of his posts are Troll Posts but he pinned this. And it was done after a 10,000 poll you usually knows when he is trolling he makes it obvious. This isn’t a troll but if it is, he would take him to an even lower standard.

Anyways I am really happy, as a fighting game fan who can only afford PC gaming because I cannot afford to pay $50 a Year behind a paywall just to play a game online on a console. I am really happy about this news I wonder if it will be cross play?


Im really happy about this too, not only because of the DLC also because of the GGPO. I dont believe that this will be cross play.

I hope they do a good job. They really dropped the ball last time and alienated a bunch of PC users with the unplayable version they released earlier. I wonder if someone had already bought MKX for PC, what kind of price they’ll have to pay for MKXL? Hopefully some kind of discount, otherwise the PC community is probably going to be really pissed, since it’s essentially trying to sell them the same game twice.

This could mean two things though. Either it could be “We hear you, we will fix MKXL on PC!” or it could mean “We hear you, we will do better on our future games!”… so yeah, we’ll see what happens.


This. At the end of the day Wb has the final say. Its stupid to ask if gamers want the pc version to be fixed as it should have been done months ago.

This could be Boon’s way of trying to put pressure on WB. I don’t think it’s as simple as “we’ve heard you and now we will do this.”


Sure could.
I’ve seen ALOT of people blame Ed Boon for everything that went wrong. But I don’t believe for a second that he just doesn’t care, no matter who’s to blame. And if it is WB that needs to be nudged, then this is a good way for Ed Boon to do it.


The “we hear you” part is bullshit. I stopped caring about NRS games after how MKX went. They obviously don’t listen when it comes to adding characters people want, and PC has been broken since launch. I see “listening” to fans and fixing PC as a way to kiss ■■■ in order to get PC players to get Injustice 2 on PC. They care more about money than they do about their fans.

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Ed Boon confirmed Kombat Pack 3. KP3 will have Chucky, Terminator, Ghostface and Hsu Hao…


Not to be this guy, but “listening” is overrated. I want devs to do a good job making games and staying in business. Ed, love him or hate him, has kept NRS going through highs and lows for both the MK franchise and the industry as a whole and has kept a lot of people employed as a result. It’s easy to toss off “they don’t care,” but a lot goes into those decisions.

MK on PC was a bad deal, no question. But it didn’t just happen because Ed hates PC players. Publishers (WB not NRS) make lousy cash grab PC ports because they think it’s the only way to make money on that ecosystem. Considering what % of PC games are bought on Steam sale for $4.99 and how the money makers on PC are server based games with either subscriptions or microtransactions, it’s tough to fault them.

In any event, the only reason to fix MKX on PC is to fix the reputational damage to the brand. It almost certainly won’t make money. So if everyone says “■■■■ those guys - too little too late!” Then you aren’t likely to see improved PC support in the future.


I’m sure the decision was tough, just like the decision to cancel the game on PS3 and 360, but I don’t understand the lack of communication. I’m sure they had their business reason to not do that, but why can’t they apologize or anything for what they did? It makes sense why PC was ■■■■, but those who bought it (and were promised it would be just like the console version) at least deserve an explanation and apology.

I lost my respect for them as a fighting game fan after they avoided addressing their problems. MKX is dead, and fixing the PC port won’t help the dwindling population of players. They don’t care about their games lasting long. They just want to get money.

It sounds like I’m fighting with you, but I’m really not. I’m not an NRS fanboy, and I don’t want to belabor this, but I’m just trying to put the situation in context because I don’t really understand some of what you are saying.

Yeah, me too. And I expect, if you are of working age, you go to work to get money too. I understand that excessive greed is a real thing and it bothers people, but I really don’t see how wanting to get money shouldn’t be considered a perfectly good motive for doing things. Game development is not a charity conducted for public benefit.

As far as avoiding addressing their problems, you really don’t know what was happening behind the scenes. For all you know Ed was having red faced screaming matches with WB executives every day about their treatment of the PC port. Maybe Ed didn’t want to have a PC port in the first place. Maybe he really doesn’t care and he’s sitting on a throne made of money laughing. But my point is there are many good reasons not to “address their problems.” The company can’t say “The PC port is a disaster” because they will get sued. What is the point of engaging with angry consumers when they decide not to release new updates on PC? It just extends the life of the controversy to try to engage with people who are going to hate you anyway. The explanation is it was going to cost them a ton of money and it wasn’t going to make them any. How would explaining that to people who don’t care about NRS or WB’s financial picture help them? You’re a case in point. There is the possibility that they are now fixing it - and you still hate them.

Before I drop this, I will also point out that NRS redid the netcode for MKX as part of MKXL, and then released it free to MKX owners on consoles without requiring anyone to buy any of the new content included with MKXL. They could have just said “no, this is a new game now.” And people would have bought it.

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Well I suppose this can be seen two ways. As a company, they have their reasons to avoid the issues that arose with PC. On the other side, the consumer has a right to feel that he/she got what he/she paid for. Whether or not Boon has any say in what happened, he did promise PC would be as good as console, so from the buyer’s perspective, MKX on PC was a lie and a ripoff.

And I know you’re not fighting. We’re just looking at this from different sides.

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