So, apparently gravitational waves are a thing

Yesterday it was announced that scientists now have definitive proof that gravitational waves do exist, which validates Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and in doing so have not only proven that it’s likely no longer a theory, but that they have also opened the door for all new, groundbreaking science - like being able to better study and understand black holes, for example. Unlike previous astrological discoveries, they didn’t “see” these gravitational waves - they “heard” them. Now that we can detect these waves by sound, it literally opens the door to an entirely new “sense” (hearing instead of seeing) that we can use to study the universe that surrounds us. It’s really rather subtle news ironically, but as a result of it, we’re just now starting to enter into an entirely new era of understanding, ladies and gentlemen. :smiley:

What’s your take on this awesome scientific news?

Don’t believe me? Look it up - it’s all over the news. :wink:


People just realized this? Man people are stupid…jk. Interesting news.

One step closer to understanding one of the fundamental forces in the universe! I really hope we will fully understand it some day but I’m starting to doubt that we ever will.

Haven’t read into this yet. I’m not a physicist (I bothered to learn most of the Riemannian geometry required to comprehend GR…then didn’t bother learning GR), but my (vague) impression from knowing almost nothing about this, is that not detecting gravitational waves might’ve been more interesting, as it could’ve pointed us to the edge of GR’s range of validity, which could’ve helped resolve the incompatibility between QM and GR in the long run. But then again, I doubt anyone expected gravitational waves to not exist, so iuno.

But an important correction:

That’s not how science works. All sorts of scientific theories have been more thoroughly tested than GR – Newtonian mechanics, electromagnetism, evolution, global warming – and they’re still theories, no matter how many tests they have passed.

I’ve heard about it on the news yesterday. But like most people I’m probably like…what does it mean for us/me.

And especially seeing as how big of a discovery it supposedly is, will it change anything in the way we look at the world or how we live our life…

I’m a Systems Administrator (nerd) by profession. This was the primary topic of conversation around the office yesterday. It’s pretty amazing and really opens the door to further research and discovery.

So, what you are saying is that if it’s all over the news… IT MUST BE TRUE!?
Gravitational waves? Sounds like a bunch on nonsense… just like Flat Earth Theories

Don’t believe the Earth is flat? Look it up - it’s all over the internet.

@GalacticGeek this aint gonna make you any better at KI dude lol



…but haven’t you guys seen Interstellar!? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It will always be a theory because a scientific theory isn’t a hypothesis but a body of facts instead.

Lol? Unlike erath being flat this is something that the scientific community agrees on.

@DANECKBRE4KER soooo, do you believe the earth is flat?

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Of course I don’t.

Forgive the weird question… but why not?

Because of evidence.

Evidence? Where?
Please enlighten me!!

Actually gravitational waves can help you in KI. Due to the rate of you pressing the button depends on your reactions which depends on the nerves,gravitational waves might desynch you and the controller by a very small amount which is called input delay. Knowing this,you can uppercut the waves and reduce the input delay.

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im not gonna explain here why I think the earth is round. Do you believe it is flat?

Where shall we chat about this topic then… I’m curious to hear about your evidence!

answer my question. do you believe it is flat?