So after the update KI died on me

After the update KI continually kept crashing on me even after a hard reset. I had to uninstall KI and it’s going to take hours to re-download it all and I leave for Georgia in 2 hours. Why cruel world WHY!!!

Sux. Sorry.

hey. My down/angle function doesn’t work on my controller any more, which is what I need for a lot of specials and openers, so I basically can’t play KI, till I get a new controller.

@Hayabusaslice I bought a pretty good one at Wal-Mart a few weeks back for about 35. The D-pad feels better than the stock controller to me.

Wow that’s pretty cheap for a controller. Hmm. Gonna open the hoe up, and see what’s wrong first.

Anyway can @rukizzel or any other dev respond about this issue because I really don’t want to lose my saved data for the fourth time.