Smite: What's the next Pantheon?

Celtic just released this year.

What pantheon is next?

  1. African/Yoruba - African
  2. Native American/Inuit
  3. Slavic - Russian
  4. Sumerian
  5. Altaic - Mongolian/Turkish
  6. Aboriginal - Australian
  7. Zoroastrian
  8. Armenian
  9. Mesopotamian
  10. Inca
  11. Basque
  12. Finnish - Finland
  13. Oceanic
  14. Polynesian
  15. Arab
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Who’s knows. I certainly stopped playing when Season 4 launched.

Aboriginal. thats australia right?

a long time ago i watched the scooby doo movie that took place in australia and the main monster was a austrailian vampire that looked sick. i wouldnt mind that in smite. a different take on the current vampire bat looking dude thats more human like/bipedal

Aboriginal as Australian. Yes!