Smash Ultimate

And yet according to those fanboys, only Nintendo characters need apply, which honestly makes it even more absurd. Really shows how little they care for characters outside of that circle.

Wasn’t that the same event where the entire crowd was booing the two players because they both used Bayonetta? Or was that for the previous Smash game? Even Superman in Injustice 1 tournaments got more love by comparison.

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To post something more positive… Terry trailer origins


Because this is smash bros gimmick, I welcome both Nintendo and non-Nintendo characters. This is likely coming form folks who want that Nintendo character in smash, but never got the slot because it was given to a guest character instead. I welcome the chance to see a Nintendo character, but I don’t expect to see one till season 2. Honestly the wonder of who is getting in next is all that interests me, regardless of the outcome. Well, as long as the character makes sense. Meaning they have to be a video game character and have a history with Nintendo consoles.

Heck at this point, I may not even know if there is a character I want to see get added as DLC from my personal list because Sakurai added all four of my wants in right from the get go. Sure two of my favorites came out as assist trophies but Sakurai spoiled me as far I’m concerned. At this point if a character I want gets in, it’s because I was cheering for their arrival for a friend or two.

Smash babies ruin Smash Bros. It’s as plain as day.

Can’t stand to be apart of the smash community with this much toxicity towards Sakurai over Terry Bogard.

Anytime I play Smash from here on out, I’m picking Terry to see if players are well aged to simply play the game or if they’re just simple babies that cry about almost everything.

#MoesHad #FoesFatallyFurious

It’s funny how they do that, sense Terry is not even out yet.

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Did they do the same with Capcom characters? Sorry I am not into Smash to know its audience.

And I consider Smash to be Nintendo’s version of Capcom’s Power Stone but only way way better.

Well I guess Cloud and Joker make no sense, since FF7 was PS-exclusive for the longest time and Persona 5’s mainline games will stay on PS for good.

But seriously, Sakurai’s only real stipulation is that the character must originate from a video game, so anyone who thinks Wolverine is getting in because Ultimate Alliance 3 is Nintendo-exclusive is gonna be disappointed (yes I’ve seen at least one person use that logic to justify a Marvel character being in Smash).

Besides that, sense is subjective: Nobody wanted Piranha Plant as a character, yet here we are.

People do this all the time, I mean look at all the people who were furious about Joker being in MK11’s Kombat Pass; He won’t be out until next year, but they are making it clear how much they hate him being in the game at all.

Never once really, even prior Terry’s inclusion, lived exceptions. People will always be angry when a random guest character gets in, but especially if they believe their favorite legacy characters are getting axed because of it. I’m sure if you look at the situation closely, you can see how emotions can run wild when people don’t get the characters they want; some people handled themselves better than others, as incidents like Tekken 7, MK11, and now Smash Ultimate have proven.


On a side note I just remembered the people trying to boycott Terry actually suggested disconnecting on Terry players in quickplay. I guess they think Nintendo banning them from the game is part of their plan then, since it is against the rules to DC so much in the first place.

Nope and that’s sad.

Facts: Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury: King of Fighters were developed at the same time in the early 90’s.

I don’t see why these Smash Babies don’t know that or rather won’t look that up and see why it makes sense to add Terry in the first place. But okay, let’s let the Smash Babies pretend the first Fatal Fury game wasn’t ported to the Super Nintendo like Street Fighter was.

I’ve seen people complain about not being able to do proper fighting game inputs, and I’ve seen people complain about Ken being a “clone” of Ryu. That, and some people don’t like being combo’d to death or fireball spam. Normal scrub stuff.

No complaints for Mega Man though from what I’ve seen.

The main difference is that Capcom stayed relevant in the 2000s, whereas SNK basically faded into obscurity. So incidents like that didn’t help, when SNK took years to make games that got even remote attention from the mainstream (mainly KoF13, since no cared for games like Maximum Impact).

I do agree though that pretty much none of the complainers did any of their homework, or only wanted Nintendo characters going forward. So much for Smash celebrating the rich history of video games.

Mega Man was a big part of multiple eras of Nintendo (mainly NES, SNES, and GBA) so that’s not surprising to hear.

I’m not surprised at Ken though, when even the Fire Emblem characters are getting flak for being clones of course Ken would go under fire too. Personally I would have preferred Bison or Chun-Li myself, for variety’s sake.

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Persona 5 may not have been on a Nintendo console, but other games have been on the 3DS, and while cloud was in FF7, the series also had games on Nintendo consoles. It’s no surprise that Sakurai does bend the rules at times.
Other wise we could be just getting an exception to the rule with cloud.
But hey Sakurai decides what goes in mostly.

Only way to prove that if they don’t need to be on a Nintendo console is if we throw in Kratos or Master Chief.

Well I welcome the Piranha Plant. When I saw the characters trailer I started laughing at the reveal and never stopped till the trailer ended. But hey, he still adds some uniqueness to the game.

Belive me, I’ve been on both camps. I’ve had my favorites left out games like MK11 and Soul Calibur VI. The latter of which my favorite can still make it in the game. The former is unlikley at this point. so I can understand their reason to be upset.

However, I don’t agree with how they are dealing with it. If they think doing this will get rid of Terry or force the company to change their minds and remove the him, they are out of luck. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle now.

Not to mention it only leads to another fight with folks who wanted that guest character. That being said, those who want to express their disappointment respectfully, and constructively should do so. Let them express calmly on how they feel about it.

Believe me, I still think guest characters should have their limits in roster spots to at least one and two. But Smash bros is trying to be the ultimate gaming crossover. So that’s it’s thing. Adding guests is as much of a gimmick to it as KI is adding different types of characters. Like a cyber dinosaur and a walking skeleton in one game. You won’t even find DOA or Tekken pulling that off.

So wait, are they trying to get themselves banned or get terry players banned?

Well Smash is still going to do that. though if you really think about it, most people don’t seem to know or care about what these terry haters are doing anyway. I’ve never seen a single rant video about it, and only one person ranted about Sans being a mii gunner suit, but that video staye don for 7 hours before the user removed it. Guess he took too much backlash.

that was one of the issues I had with FE characters. There is on;y two that I know that are different. But not of them has a different type of weapon other than a sword.

I do know there’s still folks out there wanting characters like Geno or Shantae, which we don’t even know is going to happen. But hey anyone can come back now sense relevancy means nothing.

I can’t agree with the “1-2 guests max” thing, because in 90% of cases guests were always meant to be extras in the first place. There was no guarantee that the devs of SF want to bring back Rose, or MK with Reptile, etc., and if there were no guests the fact would be even more obvious. But I can agree that some devs over-saturate their rosters, still infinitely better than clones IMO but I could understand why people would be upset.

Also Tekken was well known to have cyborg ninjas, kangaroos, bears, and robot fighters since the PS1 days. KI wasn’t that unique in the grand scheme of things, in the same way that Smash is not unique for having a bunch of guests in it’s game.

Wait, Smash has an NRS-style system where BOTH players get punished for disconnects?

…I’m actually not surprised if that’s true, Nintendo has never been a pioneer for online mechanics.

The swords aren’t the issue, it’s the fact that 90% of the FE characters have the exact same moveset, just with tweaks here and there. It’s no better than all of the shotoclones in SF4, where they were just variations of Ryu.

Was it because Sans isn’t technically his own character, or did he just hate Sans/Undertale in general? I could see the former being a viable complaint, in the same way that people complained about Shovel Knight just being an assist trophy.

I asked because I wasn’t sure what you meant by them disconnecting when they meet a Terry player. I read your post on that but wasn’t sure what you meant.

The person was hoping for sans to be his own character. Heck he even had a thumbnail that said that is not sans. Now I too thought Shovel Knight would’ve been a great fighter. But hey there’s always the next smash bros. Tekken may have had boxing kangaroos, robots, and other stuff but it’s mostly consisting of human characters. I haven’t seen the boxing kangaroos much now sense they were axed from tekken due to fears of Animal rights activists. Alex is also not likely coming back in the next game either so KI still has a leg up on Tekken with it comes to it’s unique roster.

also speaking of smash bros.

Wow, SNK legacy done right. I watched all 45 minutes of today’s stream and never taking my eyes off of the screen. So much content.
Sakurai really loves SNK. That was a love letter to almost their entire history. Wow.

I played a little bit of Terry, he’s fun to play.

50 tracks is bonkers for a single DLC character and series. Makes me wonder again what happened with Final Fantasy in Ultimate.

Stage is fun too. The wall-break setup really does make it make the game feel a little more like a traditional fighter.

They even selected a few tracks from other SNK titles which I thought was cool.

I would’ve paid $6 for the music alone. This is too good to be true.

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It could be licensing issues. I hear in Japan game soundtracks are pretty big business, especially for SquareEnix games. I’ve heard specifically that Dragon Quest games tend to have weird inconsistent issues with some versions of games having midi soundtracks as opposed to orchestrated because of licensing issues…perhaps Final Fantasy had something similar going on with it.

The thing I was disappointed in was that they didn’t have songs from King of the Monsters.

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