Smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop that you currently owned

So what smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop that you guys currently owned?

As for me here I currently owned:
Smartphone: ZTE Obsidian
Tablet: iPad 2

None, none, and none!

I have a flip-phone that I buy minutes for, a desktop that does what I need it to do, and my Xbox which I use every day.

Smartphone: Iphone 6 Plus
Tablet: Surface Pro 3
Laptop: HP Envy

Phone: Nokia Lumia Icon
Laptop: Asus w/ Win10, 8 GB RAM, i7 CPU (wife’s computer)
Desktop: 27" iMac (for work)

You too? Mine isn’t a flip phone though.It is a nonflip phone but how do i describe it? Like a remote I guess? Buy minutes for life. Laptop runs worse than a potato but gets nongaming stuff done. XB1 for gaming.

Technology i’d wish I had. LOL

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