Smaller youtubes deservers some attention

These youtubers need some attention for their talents.

Rkosmik- Best for soundtrack, Ultras and etc
DbreezyGaming- Good for gameplay, music and some walkthroughs.
Rokubot- Good for Ki ultras, gameplay and etc
Nexus Wulf- best for Ultras, specific ultras, commutive gaming, and diverse talents.

These are my best smaller youtubers in this community. Whats you best?


Not exactly small but Geoff the Hero does occasionally post funny videos. Troll master. Removed video doe because it was really dark after a while.

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this is the link for my best fights that i consider ,in especial the 0% health comebacks

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Cool you think you can play with those guys?

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i wish but my job and time will not let me doit plus i am located in central america…

If you do, pick Nexus Wulf, because he is a nice person and uses must of his time playing with his fans.

thaks for that i will get in contact and look for his gamer tag … appreciated

I was waiting for a topic like this. I hate advertising buuuuuut…