Small things to fix/change in a wish list

I know, I know … there are many things that we all would like to see neat or exchanged.

But I was leveling this weekend, and noticing little things that I’d like to see changed, and thought in creating this discussion about it to have a list or even just curious.

I just wanted to ask to keep in small points, there is no point listing things like “re-create the whole look of Cinder” for example LOL

So I’ll start

  • I would like to redo the music of Riptor. The music is so meek and boring. It’s the only song that no one even notices during the match, so unemotional.

  • I wanted to see the tattoo that runs from the leg to the waist of Sadira retro, is just an octopus? Please IG, you could show it? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Hair of Orchid and Sadira.

  • The 3d model of the Maya arm, is wrong and weird. During the presentation screen, the loading of the match.

  • Show the numbers of XP bar. I wonder how many points I need for each level

  • Facilitate or show more of the same challenges character only once. If I have 4 challenges with Omen, must enter and exit 4x. Since all challenges are the same, such as “exhibition match”

  • Some scenario has little problems with certain characters and the camera display. For example, with Aria in Cinder scenario. You can see lava falling from the sky :blush:

  • free camera in character editor

  • Last but not least - - Nerf SHago, hi is too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Much is insignificant, I know! Are details that the IG has no time (certainly lack) to care. But it has a few details that improve the game, especially in numbers and visualization

And you have something you would like to change the characters of yours? or the game in general?

  • Shorten the time of the initial check for downloadable content

  • Move the cursor in character select to your last played character

  • Move the cursor post match to rematch instead of Save Shadow Data in case you’re playing with one of your Shadow characters

  • Fix the cursor lag in character select, it’s better than when S2 came out but still not perfect

  • Let me preview all the accessories of a retro costume without buying it first

  • Give me the option to bind a color to a customization slot, so the cursor is already on the preset color when i choose that slot

  • arcade ladder for all characters (allow also custom characters), no need for intro/outro/stories, etc, only an arcade mode with credits at the end
  • random rematch option in VS cpu
  • color enabled shadow lab characters
  • In vs. mode, log 2 accounts and both gain XP for defeat and victory
  • Shadow LAb more slots
  • Shadow lab Option revenge list. I want to fight the whole list of people who beat me, a kind of survivor for my revenge. If 7 fighters defeated me in the last 24 hours, I fight them in sequence, without delay!
    Before every match I just choose if I want the character 1 or 2, and now starts the game. One behind the other, time is Xp!
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Oh, right, XP boosters should be tied only to real ingame time…I burnt my last, very precious, 15 min due to adsl problems Yesterday.

Some of the things you are suggesting aren’t small at all! But I like the idea

-Change the menu where you can change the accesories to be more accesible (being the first option in store, not the second)
-Option for shadows: when you finish a match, press a button(LB for example) and the graphic of your shadow performance it’s shown. Press another(RB) and it’s recorded. No need to leave the “rematch” option.
-If the previous doesn’t come to a reality, give us the prossibility of disabling a shadow without losing it. This can be used to allow another player play with your character at your home without override your Shadow accidentaly
-More shadows
-Make Stage selection more alike characters selection, so you don’t have to pass half of the stages to get Fulgore stage, for example
-When a ranked match ends, give this options: Search another fight, Ranked menu, main menu. First options throws you to ranked menu but starts automatically the next fight.
-Give the option of searching a ranked while in the menus, not getting stuck in a “SEARCHING” screen.

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These are good ones, make it so!

Sadira’s hair is fine, I’d change all of her accessories and retros because they are all terrible minus the green top.

Let me use KI gold on characters. KI gold is useless right now.