Small suggestion about stage music selection:

Just a quick question, but can we perhaps have the music arranged in ABC order? It’s a nit-pick but really it’s just so I can find my preferred theme I want to play much faster. If I know the name of the character I can find it faster than going up and down looking for it to set the mood before the match starts on Ranked.

Just a small suggestion.


Either in Alphabetical order or organization by Season would be fantastic. As it stands there doesn’t seem to be order of any sort and it’s a pain in the neck to try and find what you’re looking for.

Yea I agree, alphabetical makes the most sense I think…

I think, actually there are a number of ways this could be improved. I know they wanted to keep it simple, but since there are 20+ themes to go through it is pretty complicated. Maybe even just moving the music select to the character select screen and having a music note pop up and you use it to cover the character whose theme you want to select…

Can’t be any harder than making new stages if ya ask me.

It’s just a small suggestion anyhow.

and add the old music from KI1 and KI2 (and KI gold).
gives the players more options (music).