Small Questions

  1. is season 3 going to have a different name or title like KI Purple or KI Shadow? or it will be just KI season 3 which is good.

  2. are we going to have an update even without buying season 3? meaning we only buy characters like the previous seasons.

  3. is it going to be a stream tomorrow?

As far as I know no dev referred to Season 3 with other name than “Season 3”. I think it wouldn’t be wise to have another name since Season 1 and 2 are just “Season 1” and “Season 2”.

Balance changes will be applied to everyone. If there are new modes, though, I doubt you’ll have it without buying Season 3. Same for characters.

No idea. Is there any sign of that?

l think they said in Sunday’s stream that there will be more streams like that the next Sundays

I heard somewhere it will be Killer Instinct on the title, Season 3 will be only in the menu. Maybe it was confusing to a person looking in, that KI already had it’s Sequel (Season 2)

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The modes will be accessible to you for free as well. What they sell is characters, so you can only use the characters you own but all the modes are free to play with any of those characters.

That has always been true for KI (and it’s almost a necessity because of the way they sell you the game), and I don’t expect it will change.

There’s a new title screen if you like that.

While I don’t think the name of the game wil actually change outside of the whole S3 aspect, I think it would’ve been pretty cool if it was going to be called something like Killer Instinct: Rise of the Shadow Lords. :slight_smile:

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yes i think season 3 makes bigger difference to than season 2 so maybe there was a somehow different title.