Slow/Fast Enders, what are your thoughts?

Haven’t seen a topic on this subject yet it was one of the coolest features of KI2.

The only restriction I would put, is, if the ender is breakable (I.e.: opener + ender) then the speed can’t be modified as to not mess with breaker timings.

I’m curious to know where everyone stands on this and why?

Well, KI3 sort of has a similar idea with the ender levels. They either do a quick attack and end or do multiple hits/have a longer animation.

I thought they were fun in KI2, but people would freakin loose it if you busted out a slow-motion triple ultra on them haha. I can’t imagine anyone online patiently waiting that out.

Yeah I liked how you could do that in KI2 and the Shadow moves based off combo breaker points in KI1.
This game is freaking awesome though

Yeah…no for slow ultra’s, that’d would be brutal.

My intention was really just the combo enders, I wouldn’t want ultra speed to be modified, I kinda like the music driving to them, it’s original.

And while I catch the ender level, it’s
A totally different dynamic than slow/fast enders. And also leveled enders already existed in KI2, the 2 can definitely co-exist as seen on previous iterations.

To add to it also, it would only be possible on a level 4 ender.

So 2 conditions have to be met to enable them.