Slightly miffed long time player on definitive edition

just a little note on the DEF EDITION. I, as many have done, have spent a fortune on the different seasons when they are first released…hell i bought a xbox one JUST to play KI. as an ex arcade, snes, n64 and now Xbox one player I think that the guys and gals who paid for the individual seasons should get the extras offered that “joe bloggs” can get just by walking into a shop. Ive paid a hell of a lot more than the £39.99 its pre ordering for.
How about it???
Awesome game tho :slight_smile:

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This is simply your sense of entitlement. You are forgetting about the months and years you’ve had to play the game that others who’re just now picking up the definitive edition have missed out on - that’s your reward for buying early. Any additional feature in the definitive edition, such as the golden Gargos skin, is just a strategy to incentivize consumers into buying it to help increase sales and nothing more (and it appears you’ve got the itch, my friend).


You did get something they didn’t. Months if not years of play time.



I boug FIFA 12 on his launch day.

It’s price was 69.99 €

Now it’s less than 10 €

Should I feel aggravated because now people pays 60 € cheaper than me?

Just a bit of hyperbole, but you surely get the point


This already got brought up by this guy @jpraelster93 a few months ago, who’ve irrationally complained about the same thing, despite being told over and over again on how he didn’t earned (or really need it) it in the first place. We don’t need to go down that road again.


You should be glad its cheaper and that it hopefully brings more players to the game. And in return more KI for us in the future. The last 2 events I attended, 90% or more of the attendees were NOT there for KI. If a cheaper price for the game can just bring in 20% of that crowd… it can really help the longevity of out beloved game.

So embrace this DEF edition and spread the word to all your friends that may have not given KI a chance yet. Maybe you can turn this so called negative into a positive.

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Just think how your contributions have helped the game reach the point it’s at today, if no one bought it at launch, ti my have price dropped sooner but they probably wouldn’t have been renewed for a season 2. Though it would be cool if season 4 has some kind of discount for long time players, (similar to when SF4:AE had a 50% discount for SF4 owners), I do not feel entitled to such a discount considering the sheer number of hours I’ve had enjoying this game compared to other purchases.
If anything being an early adopter of KI has saved me money that I would have spent on other games. (though not enough to pay off my Xbox one, but I’ve played a few Games with gold games on here too; banner saga 2 and x-com mainly)

I’m just kinda upset I bought Supreme Edition on PC when it came out for it (And couldn’t really play until about 3 weeks ago due to bad graphics card) and I won’t be able to get Gold Gargos, but I don’t really care that much.

Games dropping in price is nothing new. While it’s a bummer to see you could’ve saved a bit of dosh, the memories they left behind are worth their weight in gold.

Hey, could be worse. I bought Limbo literally days before it went Free to Play. That’s good reason to be salty. :stuck_out_tongue: