Sleep vs Thompxson

what does thuggery mean in KI?

I have no idea! I thought it to be more of a racial jab at the 2 involved… which isnt cool.

me too.

Thuggery in Fighting games isn’t a racial thing.

Think of it like WWE Wrestling matches. They come up to the ring and taunt each other, call each other names, and disrespect them. Then fight.

It’s very similar, with name calling, Teabagging, Pop-offs, disrespect.

People like to see drama, but not be part of it lol

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Where I live… thuggery doesn’t mean WWE.

“Thuggery” just happened to be the term I saw being used a bit in the twitch chat. The poll is pretty goofy, I kind of just wanted to talk about the tournament a little and this was maybe the most memorable match.

i guess its different with this.