Sleep vs Thompxson

What did you think of this match (around 30:00)?

  • It was pure thuggery and I wanted Thompxson to bop this fool.
  • He was a beast unleashed and can’t be held accountable for his actions. Ain’t mad at it.
  • Don’t like seeing this in tournament play at all.
  • Only thugs can play KI. Thuggery is what KI is all about and should happen more.

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Most entertaining thing about KI Cup was all the thuggery going on

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Hands down one of the best matches of the world cup. Optimal punish ftw!


Best match of the whole tournament. Went the distance. Sleep was just emphatic and confident perhaps overly so, but he did say he was the best so…

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Believe me when I say this was one of the greatest things to watch up in the front row. I’m the tiny one on the left. This wasn’t when Sleep was thugging but this was still pretty much what happened lol


Those matches were totally intense!! At first I thought it was a joke but now I think there was some real salt happening. Not sure though.

I have no clue what your trying to get at with this poll and the term thuggery.

It was a hype match between friends. the Tbagging between them is more for fun and for show. It isnt the same type of Tbagging you get from a stranger while playing online.

It was amazing to watch live, as I too was there about 5 rows behind the guys in the pic above. Sleep is the best player in the world right now at KI and he is always entertaining to watch. He also isnt rude, or stuck up, or anything but nice, friendly and humble while offstage.


Cute poll.

I’ve heard that off-camera he is your average cool dude. Can’t blame him for feeling the moment.

… that’s coming from someone who idolizes Thompson in the realm of KI.

Who Thompson or Sleep? I was referring to Sleep…but Thompson is cool too. He is SUPER quiet…like you wont hear him say a word. He just slowly walks around and sits and chills. Very nice and humble. Hell all of the KI players are quiet and somewhat shy except for Paul B. lol

Sleep is cool, Thompxson is pretty shy. Nonetheless both are pretty cool. Paul Beh is whatever he wants to be lol, I don’t care for him in the slightest.

Paul is actually pretty cool if you find something in common and actually talk to him. But if you dont semi know him he can come off as a total Douche…which ppl with his type personality can seem most of the time.

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I’m sure underneath his pompous and egotistical personality he may be a great dude with a relatively cool personality. Though, I have never found a need to get in his “inner circle” based on the few interactions I’ve had with him. I have better energy to spend on making friends with people I actually find interesting and awesome.

I’ve actually grown to dislike some members of the community based on their attitudes and personalities, though that’s just me. I generally try to like everyone and just talk games, but sometimes that doesn’t bode well and it comes off as someone belittling you.

I’m ranting, but yeah I have noticed that a good handful of our forum members tend to be shy people, I would probably be the same in a setting where I don’t recognize people.

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“He just slowly walks around and sits and chills” lmfao

He goes into Sleep mode while AFK.

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I didn’t answer on any of them because i just thiink:
“Wow this match was themost cocky match ever on KIWC” xD
Sleep just overtaunted Thompxson.
And he start calm down when Thompxson start playing like a boss lol.

But in the end, Wiz Khal…i mean Hollywood Sleep dominate the Tour xD.

I might surprise a few you people on here but here’s my thoughts on the situation.

This is possibly, the best light Killer Instinct was shown in on Sunday.

You had promos of each of the top contenders, well known players across the board. You have old rivalries potentially coming back to light and new ones potentially born. Everyone knows the whole Tea-Bagging issue before this whole thing started, but this was something different. The past offline tournaments, in terms of majors that Sleep and Thompson have faced one another, it’s been a gridlock fight between the two and Sleep didn’t come out on top (correct me if I’m wrong) except for KiT 2016. This, really, was their best bout yet and adds much to their rivalry.

Sleep had something to prove, send a message. You can say he was cocky in his promo during Top 32, but he rides with that confidence in stride in every set he plays, much the same to Thompson. Sleep won EVO, Thompson hasn’t. Thompson may be more humble, but when his back was pushed back against the wall on Sunday, we saw a different, more animated established player facing off against another walks the talk. Which is why I enjoyed this so much.

The dream scenario for what I assumed for some of viewers watching online or in person, wanted to see the runback. Can Sleep do it again? Riding the confidence he could in the first match in the second one? It is INSANELY difficult to beat the same person twice in a single tournament because they’re ready, much more so than last time.

Sleep exuded a new mind game in an opponent he, in my opinion, respects, and frankly exposes the game in a new light. He made a big gamble that other people who’ve done it before him have seen it pushed back in their respective faces. “What are you standing up for?!” While inadvertently done on two prominent occasions, have come back to bite the person. This time, it didn’t and it says a lot.

He may have taken five games to do it, but Sleep did win, which is what matters. If more matches in the future of this series go along the lines of this, after an appropriate build up of previous matches either splitting or going one way more so than the other, I would be happy.

Nothing is better than a good ol’ rivalry


Yeah I understand…I didnt like him either… but after talking to him a couple times and watching his stream… he turned out to be ok.

Yet Toad does the pelvic thust like elvis where he is basically shoving his
junk at you, and there is fulgor sticking you his middle finger?

I dont understand…
ooooohhh Teabag oooohh… why not just make teabag part of the game…

It already is.

A real tea bag…
just kidding.

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