Sleep vs Mygod. Oldie but a goodie EVO 2015


Hum? :face_with_monocle: Please IG bring back S2 stuffs :sob::sob:
At least a S2 offline downloadable preview. please
Look at how 2 character’s who was supposed to be OP , gives us so much fun at this EVO
I remember this evo as like it was yesterday ’ maybe ima too nolstalgic " the s2 peoples on tournament has to be really smart and everyone has his own unique Main, even if the Mu where difficult in some case.

@DurtyDee810 stop hurting me with s2 stuffs please bro. :upside_down_face: S2 has been the best part of my life in this game.
S3 is all better only in graphics and new other ■■■■.
I miss these two characters in s2 :heart_eyes:

Dude I’m not making a statement about S2. Everything that was done here could be done in S3.


If so, where is Ua MYGOD ATM? Where is SLEEP kan ra ? :thinking: since everything could be done in s3. lol lol :stuck_out_tongue: lets talk

Sleep moved on to stronger new chars and Mygod stopped competing in any game. Idk why, maybe for personal reasons.

You act like hype comebacks never happen anymore. They happen a lot. The most recent comparable one happened at CB2017.


1st time i see Sleep without his dread :smiley:

He is still great tho.
And no, please S3 is great.

Oh ok, this comeback from wheels I wish he could win this combo breaker. #bringbackwulf S2

That’s my favourite Wulf specialist: MyGod!

It’s sad that I know I’m not seeying him playing at any other KI tourney. I think Wheels will use Wulf if he feels like it though, which is nice.
I won’t lie to you, seeying my character in action in top 8 was the best show.

Let’s keep this on this topic, shall we?

Great match from back in the day, when Kan-Ra was quite a handful.