Sky stage Community fund

After seeing all the amazing stuff today , and FINALLY being let into the secrecy of season 3, I am beyond pleased with everything I saw . The reveals were amazing , and I can’t wait to see more as time progresses .
I think it would be amazing to get a sky stage in this modern KI . Can you guys imagine how astonishing it would look in today’s graphics , not to mention the new lighting were getting ??? It would also help bring in more of that awesome 90s classic feel to the game , and I think could easily be the best looking stage in the game . I know we’re getting 3 new stages only on season 3 and I’m cool with that now , so what it for the community fund that was mentioned a few months ago , we have it for an amazing, graphically beautiful sky stage ???


Now, as much as I would LOVE a sky stage to be community funded, I don’t think the community would donate for one stage. I believe we need a sky stage and believe it’s ki tradition and has been in all the ki’s but we still don’t have vital things like ultimates, season 1 story, a basic intro for the title screen, intros/outros for characters, more stage ultras, hair clipping issues, etc. This game needs a lot of work and 3 seasons aint going to cut it. Maybe a dlc pack would suffice.

Eyedol community fund much more likely


for sure!

And I can not even think of anything as bad as a “sky stage” at the moment … what would be the sense in the current KI? A flying platform in the sky … seriously that someone like that idea? :dizzy_face:

Very true , all good points . Maybee if they don’t do a season 4 , they can just combine a number of different , smaller scale things such as the things mentioned above , and include a sky stage in with the package . If eyedol isn’t in season 3 then yes I agree there should be a fund for him first . Or like I said Maybee it’ll all be together . Eyedol . Sky stage . Intros/ outros. Ultimates. Etc.

Well considering the fact that the 3rd stage has not been revealed yet, it’s absolutely possible that we will still get a sky stage. That would make sense to have at least 1 stage that is not tied to any character in particular.

What are you talking about the 3rd stage hasn’t been revealed? We saw Kim wu’s, Arbiter’s and Tusk’s stages if my math is correct that equals 3 stages for season 3.

Your math is indeed correct :+1:

I personally wouldn’t pay for an Eyedol community fund. Eff that guy :unamused:

If we’re going to have to community fund stages, I’d vote for the other five character stages we’re not getting. :\

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LOL! I forgot about Tusk’s stage. My favorite has always been Spinal’s.

Personally, I wouldn’t even think for a second of doing a community fund for one stage even if it was the sky stage. I rather do a community fund for Eyedol (or whoever else) + his stage or a fund for the stages we are already “missing”.

I am kinda okay with everything because if I can be honest I don’t use half the stages we have now. I have my couple few favorites and always pick those and I do not see that changing although it would be nice to get more stages just to make things feel even more new ya know?

I’m pretty sure the community fund will have tiers this time rather than just being for one specific cause. It’s possible that Ultimates, New Stages, and even Characters will be included.

I think the SECRET sky stage is already in the game and has been for some time, its just you know a SECRET that hasn’t been discovered yet.

Hopefully when the PC version hits we’ll be able to data mine the method for playing on it.

I’d like to see a retro stage community fund. Have a vote for what retro stages people want most,Top 5 make it in. I personally would like to see: Orchid KI1, Orchid KI2, Combo KI1, Spinal KI2 and maybe Jago or Sabrewulf KI2.

Orchids KI 1 stage would look absolutely amazing , it’s really weird that we didn’t get an actual rooftop stage. Also tusks KI 2 stage would look mind blowing in today’s graphics. I’m hoping we get the KI 2 backdrops for practice mode at least. It’d be odd for them not to go in . But yeah that’s a great idea about the 5 retro stages !

I think the wooden bridge from ki2 would be awesome