Skull Girls Mobile is the best Mobile Fighting Game

I’ve never played a more addicting fighting game on a mobile device before. The amount of content even puts KIs single player content to shame.

What does KI have for single player? Only a third of the characters have any sort of arcade mode. And vs. cpu and endless modes are standard. Your not talking about shadow lords are you? That mode is terrible and nobody plays it.

You’re referring to the recent Switch port, right? Well I’m glad it’s a good port, Skullgirls was a game I played a lot on the PC version, back when I had a good enough system to run it (it’s a toaster-friendly PC port mind you, but my current toaster overheats after about an hour each session so I try not to risk it).

With that said though, even with the later Second Encore single player content it was still never enough to keep my attention personally, while KI’s Shadow Labs was something I spent countless hours on by comparison. Different strokes, I guess.

Either way, it’s a great game with a small but unique roster of characters (even the clones have their own movesets, which is always nice to see).

Nah fam am talking about the mobile game. It’s so addicting.

Oh, well that’s a different game entirely from the main Skullgirls that Lab Zero made. I’ve never played that game but I heard it was good. It also didn’t help that some people I’ve encountered have been recently referring to Switch ports as mobile versions (because of the mobile mode) which added to the initial confusion.

I played it to 106% and loved it. It’s a good mode with the bones to be a great mode had it been expanded upon more, with tons of stuff to unlock and different match types, etc. May not have been everyone’s cup of tea, and perhaps the story could’ve been presented in a better way, but by no means was it terrible. Just your opinion, of course. But still.

Definitely going to check this out now. Thanks!

i hate RPG’s. Plain and simple. I don’t want to have to manage items and recovery and team stamina when I play a fighting game. I just want to beat the everlasting fuck* out of my opponent. Plus, it was way to open ended, to the point that the story seamed almost meaningless. I played through once to unlock Astral Plane, and that ending was just so half-assed it made me angry. It felt like nothing i had done mattered and that i’d have to keep sinking hours apon hours into this dumb mode to get anything worth a dam. I had other games to play and school work to do, so I moved on. I’m still waiting for someone to upload all the dossiers online for people who feel like me and want to know the story but can’t stand sitting through that bullshit mode.

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Meanwhile you are worried about my “aggressive” posting?

As it happens, I’m not a big fan of Shadow Lords but it’s clear that some people really enjoy it.

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Okay, that’s fine, but you not liking a genre doesn’t make this mode terrible. I dislike about 98% of first person shooters, that doesn’t mean I think they’re terrible. There are a ton of great shooters out there, I just happen to not enjoy them.

As for not wanting to manage stuff, well the game style is more rogue-like, where you keep going through and losing and going through and losing until you have enough items, power ups, buffs, etc to finally beat the boss, as I’m sure you’re aware. So saying it’s an RPG might be kinda pushing the definition of that term.

Open ended to the point where the story seemed meaningless? Well, on that part, I have to say I kind of agree. You haven’t seen the dossiers, but I can tell you that they don’t tell a coherent story. It’s not like when you get all 12 of Jagos or whatever that suddenly you know what happened to Jago in season 3. Getting them all doesn’t put together some puzzle that gives you the story of season 3.

It’s more like you get bits and pieces, fragments of story, or even kinda non-story related stuff. Some of them are somewhat long, while some are rather short. Plus, a lot of what I’d read was already provided in the KI Novella, if I recall correctly. I think some passages and what not were lifted verbatim. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Overall, I kinda feel like the dossiers were a bit of a missed opportunity to provide story in terms of what was currently going in and shed new light, provide new perspectives, etc. I don’t think many of them really accomplished that. Some did. Tusk had a sort of plotline with Kim and Hisako and Wulf got his voice back from Kan Ra, etc.

But while some things happened, given how many times I had to play through to get the dossiers before they turned the drop rate way up, I feel like these could’ve been more detailed, more expansive, more helpful and more germane to compelling main / sub plots. I think being doled out in numerical order might’ve been a good idea as well.

Still, it was a really fun mode for me. I love single player modes, and this was a great way to play the game with a lot of characters, find different missions to unlock different items, dossiers, etc and get that occasional curve ball match where you’re poisoned or you have to fight three characters in a row or whatever. There was a lot of variety and it really kept me coming back for a long time to simply play and enjoy the game, grind for XP and SP and, as you said, beat the everlasting ■■■■ out of opponents. :slight_smile:

I understand though if you had other games to play and what not. This mode was a massive time sink. I just happened to enjoy playing the game enough to deal with the somewhat minimal payout in terms of rewards. Well, minimal is relative. A stage, the green versions of characters, etc were nice, but still, compared to the time I spent?

Honestly, I’d love to see this mode be a sort of hub for the whole story if there’s a next game. I know you’ll disagree with me, but something that players could keep playing, keep unlocking (hopefully far more) cutscenes, stages, outfits, colors, XP, SP, Gold, maybe a hidden character or two. I actually really enjoyed the Eyedol missions. But something that could perhaps fit the world and its events together in a way that’s watchable in order later.

I’m not saying I need ten hours of cutscenes, but a healthier number of cutscenes combined with dossiers, voice overs on top of characters animated or art work / concept art… Whatever they have to do to simply tell a full, complete, compelling story that involves every character and can perhaps be iterated on with more story content later would be awesome. It’d take that over an MKX style story mode any day.

Maybe there could be story dossiers that fit in to this picture, and also non-story dossiers that provide character info, background etc that don’t fit in to the main puzzle.

Anyways, sorry to keep going on here. I know it’s off topic and I apologize to the OP. All I’m really trying to get at is that this mode has the foundation for a phenomenal method of single player gameplay and continuously unlocking stuff / rewarding players over a long period of time and that’s not really something that exists in fighting games. I think they did an awesome job here.

Okay, that’s the last I’ll say about it. Time to go download me some Skull Girls! :smile: