Skipping Intro Cut-Scene

Sometimes when I’m recording I like to have the intro cut scene for both opponents to finish completely. Usually my opponent presses start so there’s no cutscene or it’s incomplete for my video. The ones who usually let the cut scenes play out are new players. Cut scenes should only skip if both players have pressed the start button. If I haven’t pressed start and my opponent did, the cut scenes should still play.

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For god sake, no. It’s already bad enough to have the ending cut-scene every time on best of 3 matches. But, a feature to enable full cut-scenes on replays i think its fair.

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Cut scenes aren’t even that long. Back to back Ultra Combos are. Maybe we should just remove the option to connect Ultra Combos to each other.

That also.

I get what you are saying but you also have to understand some people have been looking at these intros since like 2013, they probably don’t care to see them any more than they have to lol

Though I do like the comparison to Ultras…tbh I would love to not have to sit through those multiple times. I don’t mind when somebody does it, but if we are in exhibition and have been rematching for like 10+ matches…do you really need to triple ultra every time you win? lol


Yes they’ve been seeing them since 2013, but it’s the same as the end match menu in exhibition, where both players have to choose either rematch, select character, main menu, both players have to choose something to get to the next screen. and it only plays once if both of you rematch. Plus not everyone has been playing since release. I believe one player shouldn’t be able to skip the intro cut scene. Or as Kodai said, have the option to play the whole intro in the replays

I think this would probably be the best solution, and the second best would be to make it so you can only skip your own intro. So if I don’t want to see them I can press start and it will skip mine, but I can’t cause my opponent’s to skip, he/she would have to press start for theirs to skip.

For God’s sake don’t force me to watch cutscenes when I just want to play. I can’t even begin to understand how this would seem ok to someone.

It’s bad enough we have to watch the whole winning poses and also the ultras if the opponent doesn’t decide do cut it short.

Please leave the start of the match skipable. In replays, though, sure, whatevs.

For Gargos’ sake*. Kneel to your god! Seriously those cut scenes are shorter than multiple Ultra Combos where the loser can’t do anything but leave early. It should be ok to watch those short cut scenes. Those cut scenes are beautiful. That’s why it’s ok to watch them.

They are beautiful. But they’re also always the same. You can watch them when you play single player all you want. You shouldn’t be able to force others to watch them.

I’m also a big advocator of the idea that we should be able to skip the end of the match once the ultra begins, when playing online. There’s nothing I hate more than having my time thrown down the toilette. If I win, I win, I ultra and cut it short asap, use the end match screen time to message GG’s to my opponent if I especially enjoy the matches. I don’t waste others’ time by forcing them to watch the same prerecorded sequence of attacks over and over again. I appreciate that people give me the same treatment.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever see skipable ultras.

So if we already have to waste time on ultras, don’t add more to it, please =/

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