Skin Packs (Xbox One)

So I bought the definitive edition on Xbox one. Everything downloaded properly, but no skin packs are showing up (gold or terror). The only one that does is the omen pack, which I bought separately. I don’t know where to contact support either. I looked it up, and it brought me to an Xbox live site, but there was nothing in the suggestions for this issue, and nowhere to send in a specific question. Can anybody help by chance?

Hi there.

Yes unfortunately this is not just you.

The issue is effecting all of us.
Steam users, Xbox games for windows PC users aswell.

There are multiple threads on other sites all with people experiencing the same issue and we have no answer from Iron Galaxy or Microsoft on what the issue is, only some speculations.

One theory is that on PC the recent W10 updates and windows store app changes and Xbox services screwed the game however that wouldnt explain why Steam users have the same problem as you have now over a year ago.

So yeah basically there is no news on this but some ppl randomly dont seem to have the issue, dunno why.