Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th

Great point here! I’m in the same boat. As much as I appreciate the daily XP bonuses when they come up, as well as the match winning XP, I have all of my characters at level 50, so it all just goes to nothing now.

It’d be awesome if we could transmute that XP in to shadow points or KI Gold or some other type of permanent solution to where it’s not just going to waste.

ROFL no kidding.

It’s interesting that some people really wanted to see KI blow it out and go the DOA route with tons of skin options and now the first pack rolls down the assembly line and many people are balking.

Thing is, I can see why. When everyone said that they wanted more skins, a few people mentioned gold characters like KI Gold had. However, I don’t think that there were a ton of people that were lobbying hard for more colors AS skins.

To be clear, I’m sure people would love having more color options. The idea of having variations for the color 9’s also seems like a very cool idea. I’ve read that there’s some different stuff happening on Mira’s face for her terror skin, plus the gold plating isn’t a straight color like color 2 or color 8 is since it’s on the skin too, but still.

But when people hear “skins,” I think it conjures an image of a whole new look for the character. For me, I see Jago dressed in full shaolin monk attire. Or Orchid dressed as a spy. Or Kan Ra dressed as a human Vizier. All three with different hair, different clothes, etc.

So when I have that type of image in my mind, and we get more colors that are called skins, or something that’s in between a color and my image of a “skin,” well, I don’t want to speak for anyone else here, but while I appreciate the effort to deliver more content, this isn’t really the image I had in mind when I voted for new skins, ya know?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth here. I’m very happy that MS/IG are answering us and giving us stuff that they think we want. I also want to support KI. But when I start crunching the numbers… $5 per pack of 3, 26 characters on the roster… I just don’t know if I can justify spending $43 to get gold plated characters for the whole roster plus whatever the terror skins are going to cost us (willing to guess another $43). So that’d be $86 for what basically amounts to fancy recolors.

Again, I WANT to support this game. I really do. But even if that $86 is staggered out over a long period of time, I just don’t feel good about paying that much for more colors, regardless of how much more involved they likely are than a regular color.

When we get new, full looks for characters similar to the ones I mentioned above, perhaps reflecting their stories / backgrounds in some ways, I’m totally on board. I don’t even need new accessories for them either. Just create the look and let it stand on its own. Do that, and I’ll be first in line, looking to pony up some of my hard earned dough.

I say this with all the respect in the world for what you guys do, but I’m hoping you’ll reconsider these gold/terror skins. Maybe leave them as one time packs for a few characters, like how Gargos is the only character with a platinum color/skin or how some of the Ultimate Toy characters have extra colors.

Do that, and then maybe refocus on adding skins that really change up how a character looks and as I mentioned before, adds to their story / background. I’d love to see a badass Sadira skin that’s a mix of muay boran fighter and what she might have dressed like in the camp she was in, prior to being recruited in to the Red Eyes of Rylai. I don’t know if I’d want to pay just to get her with gold plating. I’m sorry. I feel bad just typing that. :cry:

Please keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated, I swear!


I agree with the KI Gold part. I was sitting on all this KI gold with nothing to spend it on. I’m not going to waste it on card packs or consumable items.

It’s really baffling why they introduce a currency, even give away some as an incentive for purchasing, then don’t let you use it when there’s finally content out that we were hoping to use it on.

Even without that option, the pricing on these skins makes them a horrible value. I’d happily pay a reasonable price for them. I’ve been anxiously awaiting more content to buy, but this is not it, not at this price. I just can’t bring myself to it. Just for reference, I bought every DLC outfit pack in SF4, MKX, and Injustice, and even on multiple systems. Those were priced sensibly. Do that, and you got my money, easily. It really bums me out I’m going to have to pass on these. I like buying cosmetic content for characters. I think when the ideal potential customer for these skins like myself says, “Terrible value, thanks but no thanks”, something is off. I hope they re-think how they’re handling these.


$4.99… Nope. 3 in each pack… 26 characters… So this will be like 40 bucks if everyone gets a gold skin and you want them all. NOPE!


Gargos boss moveset community fund

Random idiot:Lets give a clap for evos failure

Me:uhh no moveset sorry

Minus gargos :expressionless:

just going to leave this here…interesting theory on why these packs cost so much

if they just make OMEN skins for the game casting of KI…:credit_card::credit_card::credit_card:

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I don’t know if it’s a theory as far as why things cost so much specifically, as many companies have been doing this since the $10 horse in Morrowind (and probably before). I want to say that MKX had a very similar number for three skins. Of course, the difference was that those were completely different looks for the characters and also came with a playablecharacter.

Oh. Hmm… Yeah, that’s a tad different lol. So yeah, in the overall trend, I suppose it’s safe to say that sometimes you pay a little and sometimes you get gouged. $5 doesn’t seem like a lot to me. It’s not $10 for a horse. But obviously that shouldn’t be the bar regardless. Plus, over time, over several packs, that $5 number’s going to balloon significantly.

However, I see where you’re going in pointing out the trend with MS and I agree that it’s troubling, even if it’s not really outside the boundaries of the industry trend (IMO). The more they monetize this game, whether it be paying for XP boosts (instead of just putting the XP at a level that’s a little less grindy), paying to unlock content you could grind for (like skins, which are currently at a substantial level for grinding) or now just straight up charging money for content that avoids the in-game currency (albeit content that fans sort of asked for), the more I worry that another shoe might drop.

By that, I mean that I start to worry that money will start making its way in to other aspects of the game, like “we’ll give you a 3rd shadow slot… For $3.” Or an option to watch commercials for Shadow Points or “here’s Season 4” and it has less content, but then all of a sudden there’s a ton of pay content on the back end just ready to go.

Now, I’m sure that any dev or MS rep could come in here and tell me definitively that this type of stuff would NEVER happen with this game, but the fact of the matter is that the ball is rolling. Paying for bonus content is one thing. I have no problem with that and I hope we get more, especially if it’s stuff that drastically changes the characters looks in cool ways like what I mentioned above, but paying that much for gold plated characters? I’ll probably buy those packs because I want to support the game, even if buying them doesn’t make me feel great about my purchase.

But paying to bypass grinding? Now we’re talking about some moral gray area. You then combine the two and it starts to look like a trend, and who can say where that trend will lead? As a consumer, it worries me a little.

I hate being that cynical. I really do, because I’ve really enjoyed this game for three years and I’d like to enjoy it for another three years or more. I just start to get discouraged a bit when I see pay options seemingly sprouting up everywhere.

I get what you’re saying here as far as the trend with MS here, and I’m not saying that everyone else doing it makes it okay by any means, but you seem to singling out MS as an “evil corporation” when there are plenty of other entities, big and small, doing this in a vast majority of games now.

If they need to do this to help keep the game going, I suppose that’s one thing. We’ll probably never know that either. But if not, I really hope that the future is filled with content that we’re happy to fork over our money for and that it’s reasonably priced. I’m also hoping that they’ll keep the sort of “gray area” monetizing to a minimum, as I really want to keep enjoying this game without feeling guilty for spending or like I’m being gouged. :slight_smile:

40 dollar definitive if you want him!

If some of the 5 dollars was going to something like say… the missing stages… I’d be more okay with this.

I think you are trying to cover it up and divert the hype so when it does go down it will be epic! :slight_smile: Nice try!

If i compare my faults with everyone else it really dosent make me seem all that bad of a person and thats probably true. but as a result I wouldnt feel as inclined to make myself a better person either (comparitively). im just providing opinion I think is relevant, thats all

I can’t help but laugh at all the idiots on the KI Facebook page saying this is the end of KI, the downfall is coming and so it begins.

Idiots don’t realize we BEGGED for this, we pled for more content. If this test goes well they’ll probably start selling more costumes, more accessories and who knows what else, stages, announcers? This is GOOD FOR KI MORONS. :stuck_out_tongue:



Cosmetic DLC is one of the big things that keep some of the biggest games alive. League of Legends, Smite, Call of Duty, Rock Band, Fortza, hell even things like Train Simulator. Even years after they came out, they still rake in money hand over fist because they let people wear or play something that looks/sounds cool.

You think LoL, a free to play game, became the most profitable e-sport in history (the top competitors make at least double what Olympians do. OLYMPIANS) off of faith, trust, and pixie dust? My brother didn’t want a new phone or a fancy pair of sneakers for his last birthday: He wanted ■■■■■■■ RIOT POINTS so he could grab some cool ■■■ skins!

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What is the lore and
Backstory for if not a reason for awesome costumes!!!

I thought I was the only one who is befuddled

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I happily purchased the DLC. $5.00 is a ridiculously small sum of money regardless of income. Very happy to see cosmetic DLC in a game where I’ve run out of things to purchase and direct ways to support the game financially. Keep it up!

I currently don’t have an income (going to school for cred), so yeah, it matters.

[quote=“AJmon, post:205, topic:16444”] regardless of income

As an unemployed college student living entirely off of good will and grant money, grabbing any odd job that comes my way, whose bank account has read a steady 3 cents , I can attest that this is verifiably untrue.

So I hope you’ll understand if I’m a bit choosey about which packs I by when they’re at this price. I’ll be grabbing the Terror packs when I can, but the only Gold pack I’ll scrape for is Fulgore (I’ve wanted a blinged out deathbot for a while now).

Well, just got final word…

If you have redeemed the code for Gold/Platinum Gargos that is included with the physical/digital versions of the KI:DE, you will be able to download the Gold Skin Pack #2 for free when it releases on Tuesday, December 13th.

I know, this pack may not include everyone’s favorite fighters, but it is a small token of our appreciation for loving KI as much as you do.

Telling you all this here, now, before I figure out how I message this to the broader audience later.