Skin and Face feedback

I feel kim wu face is a little too round i wanna say and i feel her skin tone should be lighter she look too dark I could be wrong tho.

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She’s East Asian. Her face being round and her not being snow white is exactly how a natural Chinese-Korea-Sino person would look without make-up, poor body image, and surgery. The red hair is enough of her looking unnatural due to fashion.

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She has a mk9 mask less kitana face

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yeah I feel her face needs to be a bit more detailed. After Maya’s face, I expected similar. Kim’s face is more or less as detailed as S1 female faces.

Maybe a bit of makeup?

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I feel they need to fix her face.

I was hoping she’d be modeled by some Asian actresses/singers.

I’m hearing a lot of complaints about her face. And I would also say maybe a few fixes on it. Everything else is fine

I think her design is nice, but some ugly textures in the early trailer killed it a bit for me. Seeing in-game footage, made me relax a bit about it: looks way better than in certain angles in the trailer. I think the lighting is a big reason.

It is just the lighting guys. The lighting got a MASSIVE overhaul. :slight_smile:

She could has a better face, indeed, maybe more make up or whatever, she looks kinda ugly now =/

The new lighting is odd.

Kim suffers from Orchid’s syndrome: only looks good in certain angles, at certain lightnings, in certain distances.

They got Maya’s face so right. I hope there’s room for improvement with Kim’s model.


I love her face!
hope she has differet hair like a psylocke purple or a bruce lee or gogo yubari back!


You guys are crazy! Her face looks great!

If only Kim Wu would’ve had looks like these:


In what way does kim not look like those girls?

Looks EXCELLENT to me


Wasn’t going to get involved in this, but will just say I think her face looks good. Fix some of the weird lighting things and she’s golden.


Nice examples =)

Idk, as far as I know; Kim Wu doesn’t have the thousand mile stare that Orchid has.

That emotionless



That made me laugh honestly.

Lol Orchids face


Thousand Mile Stare. :laughing::weary:

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