Skill gap reduction in favor of spectacle

idk if any of you have seen this, but i found it very interesting regarding the trainwreck that so happens to be the 800lb gorilla in the FGC room. enjoy, debate, flame away, whatever you like. btw, the guy who is narrating thinks daigo is “diego”. i couldnt help but lol everytime

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KI also has really low skill gap. BUT, it has insane amount of mindgames with breaker system to compensate.


Yeah to be frank, KI is addressing the skill gap issue done right…in my opinion anyway.

Oddly enough I just happened across this video on youtube just earlier today.

i would also say it addresses it correctly as well. you see, the other guy vs a hardened veteran has a chance to win through the mindgames aspect using the counter break and combo breaker system. however, the vet can also play the game and succeed. anyhow, this game (and video) solidified my opinion that SF5 is truly a dumpster fire.

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