Since KI:DE will on Steam can you guys release season pass too?

i do believe you guys keep adding new content hats/colors etc. can you guys release season pass too ?

There is no season pass for that.

are you sure ? if they add new character do you think it will be free ?

There are no new characters under development at the moment.

but there is a lot gold/mimic/color skins atm. they won’t add it to DE

The mimic and shadow skins can be unlocked in game just through playing. There’s a chance they’ll make a bundle with all the premium skins (Gold, Terror, the Omen color pack) but don’t count on the colors that are tied to the Ultimate Source figures being released independently.

None of those things are unlocked though seasons.

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@rukizzel bro did you guys add the game to steam servers ? i want to pre-order rightnow!