Since I've been playing a lot of the guest characters from MKX lately

What fighting styles or martial arts would they represent if they had any?

Predator seems like he would be based on some sort of ninja/samurai moves.
Alien is just straight up extraterrestrial stalker fighting.
Leatherface seems like a street brawler or wrestler?
Jason might just be kung fu sword fighting, (I mean his weapon reminds me of Shadow Jagos) XD

Even though Freddy was in MK9, he seems like he’d know some crazy, flashy, wild jujitsu and kung fu.

What are your thoughts?

Except for The Predator, none of those three should have any fancy martial styles imo.

But Jason’s machete is kind of similar to S.Jago’s sword no?

Imo, no.

But look Freddy knows some sort of invisible martial art moves like Reptile :joy:

How about this? :smile: