Simple question/ stupid question


So i havent playd since S2., and im thinking on getting back into the game. Is it worth it ? :stuck_out_tongue:




So whats the playerpase like ? Big smal ? Or is it just the hardcore players left ?


finding match on Ranked takes few seconds, there are a lot of beginners and some vets that kick everyone’s butt.

There’s discord too if you want to find people for a set or hang out.


I started playing KI last year and I play it on a daily basis. There are plenty of people online on ranked, both new and old players.


Ok nice. Guess i’ll be getting back in. Thanks for the replies!


The great thing about right now is that there is a HUGE variety of people playing a ton of different characters. You seldom run into the same character twice in a row. The Jago Army is no more… for the most part. :smiley:


Yes it is worth it. It’s worth it for sure.


Welcome back. Hope you enjoy your stay :slightly_smiling_face: