Silence is always good news

I was just looking around and noticed how silent the devs and the like are… this means they are hard at work and this means that we are nearing some SWEET SWEET KI content… Either that or they have all quit due to all the frustration they’ve been facing with finalizing EYEDOL hehehehe


I think the whole team just joined Keits in the whole “taking a break from interacting with the community” thing.


They did a little interacting today…IIRC it was over in the novella thread.

Personally I feel a good deal of it has to do with Eyedol. What they have said regarding Eyedol is that as far as giving any info they really couldn’t because any tease, any tidbit & we’d all know it was him. Take that coupled with the silence we’ve been getting lately about #8 and it’s really hard not to think it points towards Eyedol.


I, for 1, am just glad there’s no spoilers this time around, regardless of who it may or may not be. I think the spoilers for both Mira and Raam killed a lot of the hype that we could’ve had upon their actual reveals.


Couldn’t have said it better, I mean don’t get me wrong I was still hyped for them but not nearly as much as when the S2 characters were teased bit by bit.

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I mean, what is there to talk about right now? Not like KI is getting an update any time soon.

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I want Eyedol too but the way you guys talk is just like he’s Guranteed lmao

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“Shadow Lords Mode” is upon us, July is Friday, within a few weeks KI S3 will be complete, they are definitely hard at work at the moment, there are multiple reveals, tender moments, news on new content, and who knows they may even preview what’s next at the end of the complete KI S3 release…

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It’s called faith… IG hasn’t disappointed, I don’t think they will now… They are just hush because they know this is probably the most requested character of all… Or I could be wrong and they really didn’t involve him and it’s an awesome new Shadow Lord they created…

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There’s a difference between having faith that KI will have a good PC port after it was announced and having faith that Shantae will be in Smash.

Just as an example.

I mean, we are always hard at work on different things. Talking with you is just one bit of the equation. It’s not like me chatting it up with you means that work is being taken away from the game, or a silence in the forums means we are working extra hard on something else. They’re not mutually exclusive in the slightest bit.

There’s just nothing to go over at the moment, but I am prepping Shadow Lords stuff. Gotta get that for you at some point, right?!


My apologies if I’m behind on the info, but is Shadowlords coming this month or next month? I was under the impression that it’s coming before July 1, but if it’s not, and IG needs some more time on it, then I understand. Just curious.

Also, any update on your shoe collection?

Oh, and if you have a moment, can you tell us who character 8 is and explain everything about them? :slight_smile:

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This I do understand, this is not at all a complaint, I know some news is around the corner and figured the somewhat absence of admins could mean you guys are going overdrive, assuming the close of July closes the Season also

Whatever your up to… do carry on, we’ll be here to receive the graces whenever your ready

There was a fun one hour stream last week with Nicole Fawcette and @rukizzel. Not the place to go if you are looking for high level matches (heh heh, sorry guys) but good conversation. I asked a couple of questions about marketing since that is Nicole’s role in the organization and got good answers for people who are interested in that stuff. Not sure if it’s archived but worth taking a look.

@Iago407 I think shadow lords is still coming “Soon”


Oh no kidding? I think I’ll try to find that when I get home from work tonight. Thanks for the heads up!

Still coming soon? Fair enough. However long it takes them to do it and do it well is okay by me.

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I hope the next character is hype :wink: and not a hawk. I have faith in yall!