Signs you play too much fighting games

Hi guys,

We all love fighting games here so we are probably all familiar with weird thoughts that non-fgc people would not have. These signs that you play too much fighting games.

Well, I was just standing in the rain, smoking a sigaret, when the thought occurred how cool it would be if you could just block raindrops. That would not only keep you dry at times but the push back would also create a new mode of transportation; just stand with your back in the desired travel direction, block the rain and reposition yourself when you must make a turn. :slight_smile:

Or, you are in a crowded place and people are moving so, sooo slow. I sometimes imagine comboing them, doing all the corner carry linkers and then ending with a wall-splat. That would certainly make people move faster!

Sounds familiar or am I officially crazy? Share the thoughts!

The tiny little goblin that only I can see and hear tells me to burn everything.

Does he suggest me maining Cinder?

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The only way you’re doing too much of anything is when it’s hindering your ability to function as a human being, whether it be not paying bills, eating, socializing with important people in your life…if that’s the case then yeah, too much, & you probably need help. But enjoying something to where you start considering real-world applications of the rules of physics of your preferred entertainment…

…well let’s just put it this way: I bet in the 60’s someone thought you watched waaay too much Star Trek if you started considering having a flip-top handheld communication device in real life. Early 2000’s when cell phones took off…not at all.

Heck, with 3D printer tech we’re now looking like making real replicators from Star Trek TNG could exist in the future.

I was playing Risk with my wife and my son last night and I told her to get ready for “a salty run back.” She looked at me like I was nuts…


This is more general video game related, rather than fighting game, but when I was in college, I went through a lengthly period of playing The Sims and making my own skins and whatnot. I used to play that game for hours and hours, sometimes skipping class to do so.

One day I took a walk to the store and I just felt so out of place in the real world haha. I would see a bush outside and imagine moving it to a different location and/or rotating it. I would see other people and considered whether or not I wanted to interact with them via speech bubbles. I got the hell out of there asap and went back to my PC.


When you parry an over talkative waitress


An old friend of mine and I were narrating a game show from our old high school using fighting game terminology.
“Ok, so Mr. Johnson has them in the 50/50 right now, so they are gonna have to make a guess and that’s IF he doesn’t land the option select.”
“Oh! they just tried a reversal DP but Johnson was too plus on that tiger knee motion!”

It was sad and glorious at the same time.


Ha, these are good. Glad to know I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are talking about addiction. In that light, I’ll just leave this here:

Being an ‘addict’ is no problem as long as you can afford to be one. :slightly_smiling: