Shouldn't KI be on Sale this Halloween Season?

KI isn’t on the Shocktober promotion the Xbox dudes are doing.

If you scroll on your xbox you will even see MKXL as the main banner. Why isn’t KI there? KI is basically the Monster Mash rolled up into a fighting game. Makes no sense that a game that has the most honest connection to Halloween not be on sale.

Well MKX has alien, predator, Jason, and Leatherface, so…

KI is on sale isn’t it? It’s just not part of that promotion.

Not KI, no, but certain accessory sets within the game are. :wink:

I always said KI should be called, Halloween Fighters

I mean, you got a Warewulf, Ninja, Robot, Mummy, Ghost, Demon, etc.


Most of those accessories everyne has but thats a cool promotion in game

Looking forward to a similar business move with new costumes