Should the story of this game end at Season 3?

NOTE: This topic is made specifically concerning about the game’s story rather than the overall longevity of the game. Just to let you know.

With that said, I humbly ask the KI community: Should season 3 be the last season as far as the story goes for this iteration of KI? Personally I feel like it should end at season 3. I feel it would be a good stopping point to have Gargos (the established bigger bad) be beaten and peace is finally restored, for now. I honestly don’t see any reason to continue it any further in this iteration of the game.

This does not mean with story finished = end of development. I’m definitely all for things like new costumes, new modes, improved polishing, etc. Heck, maybe some extra characters here and there. Just because another character is in a game doesn’t mean they HAVE to have some role in the current storyline. They can be there as bonuses for the fans and when the next game comes around, they can have a bigger role. Just a thought.

I’m interested to your thoughts on the matter.

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If Eyedol won`t be included as 8th character, I feel like Gargos should be big bad of S3, but in Season 4 Eyedol should come out like “Surprise, mofaker”, put Gargos in his place, surprise players to turn out as actual final boss.

That’s EXACTLY what I’m afraid of. Does Eyedol really have to be the final boss (or even a boss at all) just for the sake of having him in the game? As I stated in other threads about this issue, there was no mention/build-up of Eyedol throughout the entire game unlike ARIA and Gargos. IMO when you have a boss character (especially a final boss), you need to have a reason why he/she is such a big deal. Only those who are already aware of the old games know who he is.

Imagine if you’re a newcomer to the franchise and you’re completely unaware of the previous games story. You finally beat big bad Gargos and stopped his invasion and suddenly Eyedol comes out of freaking nowhere saying that he’s the true final boss. You’re not left intimidated, you’re left dumbfounded just wondering who the hell is this guy. You have no knowledge of who he was previously and have heard about him anywhere in the story of this game. And that’s the prime example of shoehorning and bad writing

I’m sure there are other ways to include him in the game without causing a major plot hole. Same can be said about other future characters post season 3.

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To be fair though, we haven’t played the story for season 3 yet. If Eyedol’s strongly hinted at as some sort of “opposing force from another realm” or “the only other being that Gargos fears” or something along those lines, then yes, you can create a space for Eyedol where he has both the logical motivation and gravitas to not only return to the series, but to do so as an end boss.

As for the story, I’ll say this. I see no reason to stop the story if the content (ie more canon characters) keeps rolling so long as there’s a logical timeline that’s not artificially extended just to fit a few more odds and ends in. I think they can do it without it coming to that though, so sure, keep it goin.

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The characters only need a reason t fight and this story can end in season 3 as long as there’s a new threat.

Look at all the other games, they don’t revolve around Ultratech or Gargos or an Eyedol like character

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