Should Shadow Jago be benned from online and competitive play?

  • yes
  • no

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In the spirit of discussion why don’t you tell us what you think first since you are the OP and just made a poll with nothing else.



Nope they already fixed that issue. He’s available for purchase permanently now. :kissing:


It’s good to know some people are perfectly alright with automatic teleport crossups galore with no effort that are relatively safe. That’s a great direction for fighting games to go. /sarcasm

Take a look at the frame data and you’ll find that this isn’t the case - even Surged divekicks are negative on block, I believe. That’s the very definition of unsafe.

Scroll to the bottom for Shadow Jago’s notes.


his dive kicks are all unsafe even surge. check the frame data

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Dude won’t do it, it’s much easier to ■■■■■ than to actually do the work. He’s the very definition of a scrub.


Lol, isn’t it like one of the top three most unsafe moves in the game?

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Lmao. This thread.

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[spoiler]relatively (ˈrɛlətɪvlɪ)
in comparison or relation to something else; not absolutely

Sigh, now I have to become an English teacher to inform a moderator. In layman’s terms, the window to punish is small, that makes it relatively safe.[/spoiler]

I play Shadow Jago. I get hit with stuff ALL the time due to trying unsafe stuff. Regardless of move used.

Trust me, it’s not as bad as everyone makes it seem.

Git gud problem solved

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I think you should be “benned”.


To discuss a comparison or how something relates to another thing, you need to supply two things to compare and discuss.

So far, all you’ve done is question if Shadow Jago should be banned, make a singular, vacuum-based statement about his teleporting divekicks… you’re making very general statements with no scenario, matchup, or individual moves to compare or debate about.

So if you want to debate whether his divekicks are safe or not, start providing discussion, evidence, and alternative examples to compare and contrast them to, rather than more thinly veiled bait posts.


I’m not entirely sure what “benning” a character is. :smirk:

In any case I don’t think he should be. He’s now permanently available to purchase and there are ways to deal with him. If anything, learn to adapt to what’s troubling you. Calling for nerfs/bans instead of adapting is a symptom of scrub behaviour.


Maybe he wants a Benny skin for him…

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Ignoring the fact Shadow Jago is a Pay 2 Win Godmode character, he’s creating a lack of parity in the game. Shadow Jago, oh look another Shadow Jago, Jago, Tusk, Shadow Jago, Rash, Glacius, Jago, Shadow Jago, Shadow Jago, Jago, sigh logs off.

I’m just asking a general question to the populace, I never claimed to be the authority on Shadow Jago. You either think he’s too strong, you’re tired of being matched up against him over and over, etc… or you don’t/aren’t. What’s a bait post is CStyles posted, that’s the definition of a bait post. What I think about Shadow Jago is irrelevant to the poll.

That’s pretty high and mighty of you to teach us basic English, oh great “benned” one.