Should shadow and mimic skins give you special buffs on SL?

Perhaps they should give us someting else like full shadow bar and 30 seconds of free shaodw moves.
Something that worth the grindind for those skins.
Mimic skins would give player full instinct.

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Well you’re kinda playing as a basic ennemy when using those colors. If anything they should make you weaker.

I still think he is on to something with this.

I think that would be pretty cool! Like a “new game plus” type deal in SL. These could be like the passive buffs they added to Tusk, Kim, and Eyedol.

  • Pick the Shadow version of any character and you start each match with full SM, or SM costs 50% of what it normally would cost.

  • If you choose a mimic skin, you get a slight damage buff.

Stuff like that would be kind of cool! Along with that, I do hope they add more passives to more characters, like Jago auto heals between turns, or Fulgore’s reactor is spinning at full speed at the beginning of each round.