Should Killer Instinct sequel pull a "Street Fighter 3: New Generation" move?

What I mean, how do you guys think, should next KI game be set in totally different setting, time period, characters and antagonist, leaving only few biggest OG’s in?

I was thinking about it, because look: KI2013 is a complete game now, we have every legacy character in already + more, this game is wrapped up package, but devs put themselves in the corner with it a little:

If they do KI sequel with all Ki2013 chars in, there will be backlash of copypasting and ideas burn out.

If they kick some of the classic characters out to make place for new faces, many fans would be really upset.

It’s kind of impasse situation, because no matter what devs do at the moment, there would be new wave of smaller or bigger dissapointment surrouding this game.

So what if devs played all-in, and did “KI: New Generation” kind of game? In result, KI franchise would move from stagnation and KI2013 would not get immediately obsolete (there would be reason to play both KI games simultaneously).

I didn’t work for Capcom so why would it work for us? It took years before everyone warmed up to all the new characters and sf3 sold way worse that Sf2 or SfA. SO I SAY NO.

I don’t think there should be sequel. Who needs a sequel when you can just make another season. Seasons are just like sequel with out having to start again from scratch.

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I think it would be bad for business and harder to sell.

However I personally would welcome it. We already have this version of KI to play for years to come.

IG needs to have a fighter than can complement the main Killer Instinct series.

Capcom has plenty of side fighters that has gained thier own followings (Ex: Darkstalkers, the alpha series, Marvel Vs series). Neatherrelm does the same with Injustice. Even Namco does it Soul Caliber.

I wish it didn’t rely on story or narrative when the art department doesn’t fully explore the story

Any fan fiction produced could be can according to current presentation of costumes / stages / story mode parallel ratio

A new KI could just solely be fighters fighting to fight why create a God of war/ Zelda type backstory/ journey if you’re just going to give the main character a cowboy hat and cattle prods for accessories

I think they should do a cross/side title first instead jumping straight into a sequel.

Ditch the seasonal episodic releases for a proper base game for KIx2.

The I think the Ideal of selling separate characters is a good ideal but not for a specific ip.

If you offered up a modern fighting game that offered up a ever expanding roster of various ips (not just videogames) folks would be all over it. All you’ll ever need is vs(local & online), and arcade mode. Like Mugen but polished, balanced, and accessible (no more shady websites)

Iori vs Spock in Disneyland ftw

So the only returning characters would be jago, orchid, spinal and fulgore, the rest of the cast would be brand new?

They should just make it a new IP that’s set in the same universe. Like how Soul Caliber takes place in the Tekken universe but in a different time period.

A sequel could be made to introduce all new mechanics and features. KI has a pretty small population compared to other games. A sequel could give it a chance to advertise itself as something new. People just aren’t sold on KI due to stuff like the seasonal system and there not being a consistent single player mode. A sequel could give it better graphics, a bigger chance for innovation, and could get people to jump aboard the hype train. Always treat your next entry in the series as a new IP, even though it isn’t. Advertising shouldn’t just appeal to the fans of the product, it should appeal to the general audience. If KI can get a new look, a plethora of casual and hardcore game modes (story mode, bigger customization, etc.), it would most likely sell a lot.

I would much prefer a sequel than a new season. Bigger budget, bigger game, bigger payoff.

I definitely don’t want a Tekken style sequel featuring all the same characters doing all the same moves just with different graphics and a ridiculously minor adjustment in mechanics. To be honest, I’m not sure that a KI sequel in the immediate future makes much sense. There’s a big glut of fighting games right now and MS would probably be better off making a different game. Honestly, I love KI but I can’t really think of how they would make a new game that would improve in this one.

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Which other games? Maybe SFV and MKX. But for most fighters - BlazBlue, GuiltyGear, KOF - KI has a much bigger online population. Could it be bigger? Sure. Would a sequel lead to a bigger player base? Maybe. But I wouldn’t discount the current population.

Ps. Sorry for the double post.

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That’s my main concern over a new KI. But it’s bound to happen, just look at MK throughout the years.

I think it should take place like 35 years in the future and tusk is in charge of training new warriors telling them tales about gargos and all the brave warriors. Maybe a new threat has killed most of them out and a few like an old man monk jago remain around.

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Well, color me ignorant. My idea for the sequel still stands, though.

Why bother making a whole new game when you can add seasons to this one indefinitely? Those who absolutely love the original cast like myself will not have to part with their favorite dinosaur, those that want new stuff will continue to get it, if you want new modes we can always do what we did with shadow Lords, and it is actually cheaper to produce hefty patches with new content than it is to make a whole new product.


As long Orchid is in it, sure… why not.

Why? As long as your favorite doesn’t get benched it’s okay for everyone else to start over? And why would the developers want to go all the way back to formula when a perpetual update could make a truly definitive solution for the franchise?

The story could reboot every game introducing us to new versions of the characters in each iteration. (Twisted metal does this)

Orchid could be the Monk

Jago a futuristic mercenary complete with lazer Sword.

Tusk a self hating Vampire

Sabrewulf a naturalist who found his latest discovery to be infectious.

Cinder sold his soul to Gargo in exchange for great power. Only to be tourmented with eternal hellfire

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Killer Instinct 2013 was a love letter for KI fans. It has all characters from the old games returning and reimagined into a modern KI game. And along with them, a whole bunch of brand new characters joining the roster.

That means in a new game, they can change things up and try out new ideas, maybe only have a handful of the more popular characters return (amongst them Orchid) and have a bunch of new characters on the roster.

The reason I only care about Orchid’s return though is that when all was said and done, Orchid stayed my favourite and my main. So of course I would want her to be in all KI games! As creative and cool the new characters are, as well as the returning characters, Orchid was the one I kept returning to and enjoyed playing the most. And after the disappointments of season 3 and after, I’ve just become jaded towards whatever IG wants to add to the roster… because it’s not what I want. And that’s why I am glad Orchid is still there for me to play. And I’d want that in future games as well. As long she’s in the game, I’m happy. Everyone else… don’t care.

While I would like that in a perfect world, there are a few problems.

  1. The developers might lose interest. Even though they get paid to make this game for us, working on it for so many years can numb thier ambition and creativity similar to an author having “Writers Block”. Artists need variety, inspiration, and a chance to try something different.

  2. More seasons means more overall changes to the meta. A lot of us love that about KI and a lot of us kinda get irritated by that. But the biggest issue is that once a new season begins, we can never go back to an old season. What if Season 5 came out, but you just couldn’t get into it and want season 3 back? Well tough tiddies… At least with a sequel or a whole new game, we can preserve what we have for long time.