Should KI Get Proper Resets Between Rounds?

In between rounds the players are moved to the middle of the stage at a set distance apart as done in most fighting games or simply distanced apart as in the original KI.

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That’s going to be a rather unpopular opinion around here. Killer Instinct has never done mid fight re-positions. Additionally, the argument that it’s done in most fighting games isn’t a selling point on the idea. Uniqueness is what sets games a part, not how much they confirm to the formula.

Think of it as flavor.


It was in the original KI granted they weren’t moved to the center of the stage.

If your suggestion is simply to guarantee a limited amount of space between them, I’m sure that could be an interesting discussion. I was more referencing the notion of restarting in the center of the map.

I’m not particularly bound to the idea otherwise I wouldn’t pose it in the form a question. I do however think keeping it as is for the sake being unique is a poor argument and being set in the middle of the stage ensures a fair start.

The game, regardless of where you are on screen always gives you options as a player, which is why I think it’s set up the way it is - there’s always an “out” as it were, thanks to the constant 2-way interaction.

A pause in between matches would really mess with the constant movement, faster paced action of the game. I really think it just wouldn’t fit the game at this point (and I think some of the devs have stated a similar opinion in the previous forums, but don’t quote me on that :p) Not to mention all the pauses might get annoying if your fighting ARIA lol

The continuous nature of the fight in KI is part of the soul of the game, IMO. If you got obliterated in the corner in your first round, then now you have to deal with getting out of it at the start of the second. For many characters and MU’s the pre-“READY” time is long enough to reposition at least moderately better, but for some of the slower characters in the game against some of the faster this can be a problem.

Overall though I don’t really have any issues with the system. I like that you have to deal with the consequences of the last round going into the next one. Admittedly if I played Aganos or Glacius I might feel differently about this, though both of them can get a pretty solid start off a won round through his system as well.

That’s where the issue comes in it benefits other character’s such as Sabrewulf for example far more than it would a character Glacius.

I wouldn’t really think so the pauses in the original KI only took about 1 or 2 seconds.

No, I personally think it’d slow down the momentum of KI.

This would really â– â– â– â– â–  Thunder over a lot, considering his biggest challenge is getting in/staying in on the opponent.

Well that’s the thing about Thunder it’s tough for him to get in but when he does he can do a ■■■■ ton of damage. Well I think I said my piece on the subject.

Yes, but the thing I’m trying to point out is that if after every life bar is lost the game resets the players to a specific distance apart, it would be incredibly unfair to Thunder players, especially when facing a zoner like Glacius or Kan Ra. Honestly, when you really think about it, this change would only really help characters with a high zone game.

The way it currently is, if Thunder takes the opponent’s lifebar, the opponent can still attempt to put some distance between them, but Thunder is able to move as well.

The way you’re suggesting it works, Thunder is automatically pushed away, giving the opponent a massive advantage because Thunder now has to play Frogger all over again to get in close. This change really wouldn’t make any sense to me, considering the only reason to do so really is nostalgia for the old games…

I got cornered the other day by that damn move maya has where she air tackles you…I got stuck in a corner like 5 times…but I figured a way out…but was pretty much dead when I finally did.

But no, I think its fine the way it is. KI is not that bad when it comes to getting trapped in corners.

Well that all depends on the players position if the other player’s back is against the wall, it’s easy for Thunder to get back in and for a character like Kan-Ra who can move full screen at the end of a round it would be more of a disadvantage as he’ll be moved in closer we’re not talking about being moved full screen. The current system I’d say only benefits rush down characters, there’s really no arguing it’s any more fair.

Eh, kinda depends on the character and the MU to be honest. The only rush down character who can always get right on top of you almost regardless of how the previous round ended is Saberwulf. For most other characters, if Glacius ends a round with a full screen combo into shatter, that character’s not getting right on top of him again before the fight restarts.

Whoever won the round generally gets to more-or-less keep whatever spacing they prefer going into the next one. Maya and Wulf are really the only clear exceptions to this rule I’d say, with maybe characters like Omen and Hisako thrown in as well. But those characters (and Maya too) are not really pure rush down - they tend to prefer certain spacings that might be close, but are not point blank. And I can attest from experience that I’m not always able to attain the spacing I want with Hisako, especially if I’ve lost the round; that’s not exclusive to just fighting the heavy zoning characters either.

You’re forgetting Riptor. While yes it depends on the MU it also depends on the positioning which isn’t always in the winning players control. Even off a full screen combo the amount of space you can put between your opponent going into the next round with Glacius is limited by circumstances. For example if I’m near the wall and I get a fullscreen combo and the opponent lands somewhere near the center of the stage I’m still pretty screwed going into the next round and there are few exceptions to this. The situation you describe is the most ideal situation for a Glacius player and even in that situation Maya, Riptor, and Sabrewulf can easily get back on top of you. It may not be the same for other characters, but those characters have tools for getting in quite easily. Again this all only if Glacius wins the first round with a fullscreen advantage.


Nah. Let’s not kill the momentum any more than it already is. I like the pause in the action, but I should not be pushed back, or given a free breath just because the round is over. This current system only hurts Glacius because he doesn’t have a dash, and Aganos because he’s just so freaking slow. Everyone else is able to make this work for them. Thunder can try to corner you with his last combo, so he isn’t fcked at the start of next round, Fulgore can run away even if he loses, Kan-Ra can run away even if he loses, and Spinal can just sit there and make fun of you because he doesn’t care about your spacing.

The fact that you aren’t given a free way out between rounds is actually one of the things I like about KI. It helps newer players if they are able to take a round, and it helps everyone else see what is going on a little better.

The extended hard knockdown is perfect, imo

Killer Instinct should not have the lame round reset every other fighting game had. Loads of others copied killer instincts method of having all the rounds play out in order sometimes even giving you multiple life bars for rounds. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. You could play really passive one round do some zoning to keep a large life lead then go ham super aggressive in a later round and if it costs you a lot of life you still got a lot of damage on them. You could call it imbalanced if you want, but if you want standard rounds between fights, just go play the fighters based around it. KI has a level of depth unmatched because of it’s round system, combo/breaker system, and wide array of character variants. I love it to no end.