Should Gargos Talk?

So he laughed in the trailer which is fine, but should Gargos actually say words during his intro/outro? Personally I would rather he was more bestial and didn’t speak.

Can’t be a dark overlord and not speak, I’d rather eyedol not speak imo. I always thought out of the two that eyedol was the stronger of the two and used a weapon and brute strength but is dumb as rocks while Gargos used cunning and flight to fight.



Considering he has already spoken to Jago as the “Tiger Spirit”, he probably has a voice.

Yes, he should have a dark, menacing voice.

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Absolutely! He is way to intelligent to not be able to speak any language that he comes in contact with.

If Omen can speak, so can Gargos!


He should sound like Christopher Walken


Lol “I’ve come… To take over your planet. If you resist…I’ll hit you in the face with a soldering iron.”

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Like this by chance?

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I picture him being pretty damn intelligent, so I don’t think him speaking would do any harm to the character. Maybe it’s just me, but I think in terms of big bads, an intelligent being that knows exactly what it is doing and just doesn’t care is more intimidating than a mindless beast simply acting on pure instinct.


Gargos should have the same voice actor as Samael in the Darksiders series.

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I think only in short sentences and mostly demonic gurgling grunts should encompass his vocal repartoire.


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He should have a sentient bruding voice. A voice that makes you think “what the heck did I do too get stuck anywhere near this monster”.

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Ken Lobb was Gargos voice in KI 2

My money is with him



Yes he should talk. Like this specifically.

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Well I mean… he’s kind of orchestrating a complex invasion of Earth so he’s probably going to speak.


Sorry couldn’t find the clip on YouTube, He’s the “nameless beast” in The Earthworm Jim cartoon: The Mysteries of the Universe.