Should Flip-Outs be Breakable?

It’s a light manual, you’re not going to break it on reaction. You have to take the time to figure out when certain characters can stick in a flip out and then anticipate it. For example thunder is only flipping you out after dp’ing you or landing a shadow command grab (possibly after his launcher ender but i haven’t seen anyone do it there yet) so if you’re in those situation you know it’s coming and can be ready for it. It’s harder to anticipate for characters with more juggle options like rash who can sneak in a flip out during any part of his juggle combos but that’s why his options after flip out aren’t as scary as thunders.

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I concur.

I already figured this out on my own, but thanks for reiterating it for those who don’t already know this.

Agreed; “Please command grab me” is the second most common reaction in my experience :grin:

I’m seeing a lot of neutral jumping out of Flip-Out too (opponent likely thinking “HISAKO! GRABS! JUMP!”). Various ways to punish that.

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For the record, I think every single flipout in the game is a light attack (by design I’m sure). It means people can follow juggles up with sweep (heavy breaker) or flipout (light breaker) and make sure they can choose multiple options for their post-juggle followups that don’t get broken by the same overlapping strength.

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