Should Flip-Outs be Breakable?

I don’t think that flip-outs should be breakable. You’re already ending the combo, so why should it be breakable? It makes flip-out techs harder to do even though they’re already a risk. Just my opinion.

Flipouts are only risky because they can be broken, it’s not intended to be a free second combo.

It’s the same with recaptures.


They would be so broken if they weren’t breakable. Imagine this: Thunder lands shadow command grab, unbreakable flip out, cross up stomp, unbreakable flip out, another shadow command grab, unbreakable flip out, more mix ups, etc.


Yes you are ending the combo but how is it diferent than breakable sweeps? you are ending the combo but preparing for the next mixup. I never thought about this but now that you mention it yes it should be breakable.

EDIT: so they are breakable. I thought they werent when i read the topic.

TJ and Riptor with unbreakable flip-out? No thanks!


I’m on the “YES” side.

  • Flip out is one more hit, any hit should be cancellable.
  • It balances the defense ; flip out is a new set up, the defender should be able to say “I know what you are trying to do, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!”
  • Some characters would have way to much offense opportunities.

YES for breakable flips outs

Alright, just wanted to gauge the community’s reaction. My main is Hisako. Often, when I flip-out my enemy, they’ll react with an instant reversal. I find that I have to block or risk a catch-counter after I flip-out someone.

Yup, that is the most popular reaction so far.

But it’s up to you to read your opponent, and punish properly.


I like the motto of “everything is breakable”. Now let’s not count simple things like a combo opener or a combo ender. Flip out is a mix up tool. Having a free mix up tool would be a similar issue in season 2 with hard knockdowns. The combo enders that are suppose to cover these moves (hard knockdown ender, carry/stagger ender) won’t be used. I think this is what Iron Galaxy wanted to do with season 3. Make the combo enders matter more.

Remember how much fun unbreakable sweeps were in season 2?



Didn’t know they were breakable, since you’re kinda flying through the air when it happens. How do you break it? By read, pressing HP+HK, or something else?

EDIT: Just tried it in the lab with Arbiter; used LP+LK, MP+MK, and HP+HK. None worked.

The punch and kick corresponding to the strength of the move used to cause the flipout, as it hits, like you would with any other juggle hit. I doubt any of the flipout moves in the game are reaction-breakable.

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They only work during a combo. A combo-less single hit flipout its unbreakable

Noted; I’ll give it a go.

EDIT: They are indeed breakable in combo, as you and @Fnrslvr say, but it has really strict timing - indeed, you have to break as the attack that causes the flipout hits.

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It does work, trust me. That mix up won’t work on me, I break it all the time.

I never said it didn’t - only that I couldn’t get it to work, wich has been fixed, thanks to more specific advice that was given. Also, which mixup are you referring to?

Sorry im’ not fluent enough yet to understand and make understand all the subtleties.

Heh. I’m finding “sit there and get hit” is the one I’m seeing the most :joy:

You get one DP after I flip you out - after that you’re eating a counter.

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As a player with no sight, I can say that (on a personal level at least) flip outs might as well notbe breakable in the first place - I’ve tried everything to break them even breaking with the correct strength doesn’t work. I hope this changes to make it so that we can’t be constantly thrown through combo after combo just because it’s even harder for vi players to break.

Trust me, it’s not just hard for the visually impaired. Knowing when and how to do it, it still took me 5+ tries to nail it.