Should DLC carry over?

I would love to see KI GOLD, SKINS and other DLC carried over to the next game (you all know they are gonna make one!).


As much as I love this game, it is held back by the engine created for it. A sequel will likely have an entirely new engine that is not compatible with old assets.


KI in Unreal Engine 4? Giveittomenow


I personally would like any returning characters to be similar enough in play that you could consider them a 4.0 of the current game, kinda similar to how Injustice has handled returning characters in I2, even if it is in a different engine. If it’s a possibility, I’d like to see it happen.

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The champion for “exact same game in a different engine” has to be Tekken 7. They moved it to Unreal 4 and I can still do Jin’s 10 hit combo with muscle memory.

I have mixed feelings on whether I want a new game to be exactly like this game in a new engine. However, in regards to the OP there’s no way they could carry over skins etc unless the new game reused substantial assets from this game which I don’t see happening.


I can’t really think of any game in which assets from a previous installment carried over. This is not common practice, especially if there is a substantial gap of time in between release. KI launched almost 4 years ago and no plans for a sequel have been announced, so chances are the earliest we would see a sequel is in a year (which is doubtful because the Devs sure seem like they don’t plan on making a sequel anytime soon). So best case scenario the smallest gap from KI 2013 to the next game would be 5 years. I don’t think a game has ever used old save data/currency from a game with this big of a time gap.

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EXCELLENT POST^. maybe they could upgrade the skins to fit the new engine?? and those who bought the skins in this installment could get an upgrade for free, or for a small fee of 1.00, like the Omen skin pack…

but if the game is on a more powerful platform, they would have enough room to squeeze some of the older stuff in… infusing some of the old with the new, which will increase the “nostalgia factor”

The problem is “infusing” requires a lot of work. Work requires money, and money comes from them selling us stuff - not letting us keep our stuff and bring it to the next game. Also, aren’t you the one asking for ways to donate to IG?


Great post as always andyđź‘Ť indeed i am the one looking to donate weekly to IG

My last 3 threads deal with this specifically… they all kinda go with each other, but your a smart dude… you’ll be able too see where im going with my threads

Yes. You want them to give us free content and then allow us to voluntarily donate money. I think where you are going with this is trolling the forums.


If they use the same in game currencies (KI Gold, Shadow Points, Astral Gems, etc), then it’d be nice to see those carry over to a new game. But that’s only if they’re intending to use them. If not, then no big deal, at least as far as I’m concerned.

As for anything related to characters, appearance items, etc… I’d say no. Anything they have to spend time and money on to alter or upgrade, just to give back to us for free doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment for them, and ultimately not a really big deal for us either. Not exactly a win-win scenario with that stuff.

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