Should destroying projectiles grant meter?

I had this thought when I was playing as Aganos fighting a Jago. He was using his Endokuken from range and I was flicking them so I would not suffer chip or give him any more meter. But eventually, I started not flicking them because the meter I would earn from blocking was worth the chip. What I’m saying is that in some situations, it seems like destroying an incoming projectile does more harm than good.
So I was thinking of a system change for down the line;
destroying an opponents projectile will grant the destroyer meter.
This wouuld include Aganos’s LP, ARIAs’ MK, Kan Ra’s HK, Riptors HP, Thunders Season 3 Call of Sky, Cinders fission & inferno, Fulgores’ laser, Omens Orda shield, and any other normal projectile (such as Endokuken).
Also, say if 2 Jagos; where throwing fireballs at each other & destroying each others projectiles, each of them would gain meter.
So what do you think? does this seem like a decent idea?

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Whether it would be broken or not I can’t really say, but as an Aganos player, I’ve always hated the fact that it often seems like it’s better to NOT use his finger-flick, which sounds like it would be entirely counter-intuitive. Basically, it’s a toss-up for whichever you think is more important in the moment - shadow meter gain or not being stuck in block stun w/faster recovery…


I would have to say no. While you gain meter from blocking fireballs at the cost of chip damage, that is the basically idea of a risk reward type gameplan. You risk losing small amounts of health for shadow meter, but when you are low on health, it’s a much more calculated risk. Destroying projectiles, especially with other projectiles, reduces the risk taken, and instead of taking chip damage and gaining meter, you save on health.

But if projectile destruction carried with it the same reward as blocking it, but with less risk, that risk/reward factor is disrupted, and begins to favor characters who have ways to destroy projectiles, and leaving those who don’t have moves like these at a disadvantage.

Adding to that, the meter gained from projectile destruction will basically cause matches like Jago vs Jago to devolve into fireball wars and promote lower level styles of gameplay, basically becoming a fireball spamming game. The meter gain for these characters would be way faster than those without these mechanics. Playing in season 1, meter gain was off the charts crazy and fast, and needed to be toned down. People who could sit on and gain meter really fast could play a much more carefree, less risky style of play, having really safe and powerful shadow moves so frequently available.

By reducing the meter gain, people had to play more wisely and conservatively, and do better on meter management. Gaining meter from fireball destruction as a universal mechanic isn’t very good because it runs the risk of changing the shadow meter gain in an unstable way. However, Rash is built with this in mind, given he doesn’t have any battery enders (that I remember), and is balanced to take advantage of such a mechanic. Granted, you have to have decent timing and it’s a risk, but it plays into the whole risk/reward situation of the game.


No I think it’s fine as is, but maybe for specific balance later on certain projectile destroying moves could give meter (ie: Aganos’ flick)