Short Guide To Understanding The KV Meter

I wanted to make this for a while now and finally decided to quick cover it at the start of a stream. I went in depth to optimizing your use of KV meter when coming up with your favorite combo’s in the Dojo. Some characters build KV different than others in certain situations but in general the KV Meter is universal across the cast until you take into account juggles and combo traits. I didn’t really go into those too much I tried to stay basic. This guide can help other people notice things they might not understand and great for beginners who want a little more in-depth than the Jago Dojo will give you. I hope you all enjoy and if anyone wants any character specifics I’d be happy to assist on that too but I tried to keep this guide as simple as possible so that it can be applied universally.


Guides and “how to” videos are always a welcome inclusion for any game. Thanks for the hard work, @SullenMosquito

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You would be surprised how many players waste a bar of meter from trying to connect it after they’ve already blown out the KV meter. Top players at that too.

Very good guide. I hope more players see this and realize they can’t always do the combos they were trying to do in the first place because of the limits of the KV meter.


I appreciate the support =) Thanks guys <3

I never paid enough attention to my KV meter, as long as I didn’t b l o w out. I am just a very casual player that just happens to like KI a lot. But for more effective and damaging combos it is necessary to understand the KV meter well. Thanks for this guide.

The only reason I know the KV meter as well as I do is because I tried to go for world record combo’s on YouTube. Which means I had to learn the KV meter in and out, what works where, and it is no easy task competing with Vesper… He is a god. I do have Fulgore’s record for Season 1 (156 Legit 161 With Shadow Refill) and Season 2 (141 Hits), Sabrewulf’s Season 2 record with 162 hits, Aria’s Record with 134 hits, and I can tie Vesper’s 201 with Maya but I have a way to beat it it’s a frame perfect ultra reset though but it allows nearly 215-220 hits with no counter breakers. I have also done 216 with Aganos but that is no longer possible, they have fixed it. That type of playing isn’t for everyone but I would recommend trying it because it will get you a feel for how fast your character builds meter in certain scenarios. Another thing that I would recommend EVERYONE do, I did not touch on this in the video as it is more of an advanced technique but, when you get a counter breaker, learn a string that you will do every time that allows you to fully utilize your 3 seconds of free combo and get your ender.

With Fulgore on a counter breaker, if it’s an airborne one, it generates I think like 30-35 KV for everyone leaving you 65-70 to work with. With Fulgore I know I can do 2 Auto Triple Heavy Kicks and 1 linker into ender. If I’m grounded I know I can do 3 sets of medium auto triples and 3 light blade dash linkers which puts my KV meter at 108 or 106 and I get my ender and they cannot stop me. So many players don’t utilize their counter breakers. For Fulgore they are so good for getting you spin speed. You can let your auto triples rock and gain all the speed you want.

I’m curious, how’s your Cinder record? I think I might hold some sort of record from what I’ve seen (219, which is higher than Max’s 217), but I wasn’t sure.
Btw, I like the counterbreaker/lock out stuff you’re talking about. I usually just try to do maximum damage (usually light linkers and heavy doubles), but wasn’t considering that it might benefit some characters like Fulgore to do different things (apart from spinal; ghosty manuals into skulls ftw)

Cinder’s record is 240. I have gotten 237 but getting his last shadow juggles is the hard part. You need frame perfect juggles off the shadow explosion one for 10 hits one for 9 hits. I never posted my Cinder one. I might have to do that soon though.

■■■■, and here I thought I was good at video games lol
Good to know. I shall try to figure some stuff out after I’m done nursing my pride.

One thing I will say, Max’s combo’s don’t try to be the highest possible, he tries to do a creative flashy combo to show off the new characters as they come out. None of his combo’s have ever optimized the KV meter fully and I know he is more than capable of doing so, it just isn’t what he sets out to do. He is an entertainer. His videos look cool and sound cool =)

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