Sherlock Holmes Detective character

Does anyone see a detective being a part of the future of KI?

We’ve never seen one in fighting games ever yet.

Can anyone picture someone like Rorschach but with Holmes’ mind?

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So Phoenix Wright?

So, you want a cop-like character? We already have 1 of those!

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If this happens, I will die happy.

How about someone Batman-like?

all of my yes. this used to be a thing back in the older forums. i had wanted a detective type character who specialized in counters and reading your opponent(however hisako is now K.I counter character so there goes that idea)

i had wanted him to have a gentleman cane sword(an actual sword design popular in Victorian England) however instead of counters i think he could still have that detective “read/insight” fantasy that i like if he fought using a fencing fighting style that could reflect or parry various things such as projectiles or certain attacks(unlike hisako a basic “counter” wouldn’t be able to work on a shadow move) the properties of these parries and reflects would be different from their classic counterparts as well. such as a light version would be easy to pull of( either in active frames or speed) but only sent the hit projectiles forward. the fierce version would be harder(prob. lower active frames or etc.) but sent the projectile back to its original path( a glacier hail would bounce back to glacius instead of sent back straight forward.

on his unique parries instead of a counter he would take reduced damage(probably only chip damage or something) and 0 block stun and push back while making his next move have better frame advantage/speed like “parrying” a DP dash under and start a combo on the other side.

on the topic of look i like the rorschach look but instead of a mask i think it would be cool if he had a big scar on his face similar to Jonah hex(…on second thought…not that extreme) with a hat like Jonah

But… but Glacius is like the Charles Bronson of the universe…

Glacius is a cop. An galactic cop with rules that govern the growth of countless unwitting planets but yeah he is just a cop

…with a badass moustache and a bad attitude.

A detective wielding a sword-hidden cane would fit well. And I think the mask would fit well to hide his scarred face.