Shark Grappler Character Idea

So I’ve been messing around with the ideas of what the last two characters for season 3 could be as well as what type of character we’re missing in KI. I fondly call it a monster movie mashup fighter. So in that vein I thought of what I’ve wanted in a fighter for awhile, a Shark water creature that is a grappler. The concept isn’t perfect but I wanted to share it to see what you guys thought of it.

Appearance: Essentially a bipedal Shark man with a small tail. Imagine King Shark from the DC universe, just not quite so huge, and you have an idea of where this goes. For the sake of clarity his name is Bruce. Or think of Street Sharks but not so 90s.

Fighting Style: An unorthodox grappler. Unlike Thunder who’s essentially a train that will hit you know matter what I wanted to tease the idea of a teleport grappler.

Combat Trait: Bleed Ender. Bruce can end combos with a Bleed ender. Enemies lose a small amount of health for a period of time. While bleeding the next Breech special used will home in on the target.

Reasoning: Being a Shark I want to capture the idea of a frenzy when blood is in the water. By using a bleed ender, the shark can isolate his opponent no matter where they are by smelling the blood. The bleed damage is small and can’t kill but noticeable. Akin to being hit by a fireball. I haven’t thought of a duration yet but long enough to make the opponent be cautious in fear of the Bleed.

Momentum. As Bruce moves around and attacks he gains momentum (1% of a bar per second moving. Lights give 2% per attack, Mediums give 4% per attack and Heavies give 6%). Breeching gains large amounts of momentum (30% of a bar). Enders give a average amount of momentum (15% of a bar). As Bruce gains momentum his walk speed and dash distance increases. At maximum momentum his next Breech special will home in on the target while consuming the entire bar. Blocking or being stationary loses momentum. Hard knockdowns make him lose large amounts of momentum. When momentum is empty all of Bruce normals, walk speed, and dashes are slower but specials remain the same. He’ll start every match with half a bar of momentum.

Reasoning: This is based around the idea that Sharks need to constantly stay on the move. If they stop moving they sink. This rewards an aggressive play style and discourages turtling. Like wise being pressured is a good way to try and control the Shark.

Instinct: Gains a decent chunk of momentum over time even while blocking or knocked down. About 5-10% per second or so.


QCF - P = Closeline
A straight forward dashing attack. Light and medium hit mid and got the farthest. Light’s safe and medium is safe at certain ranges. Heavy is unblockable and staggers but hits high so can be slid and poked under. Can be used as a linker. Wall splat ender.

Reasoning: Typical dash attack to help get in as well as extend combos as a linker. Nothing special here. This guy makes use of the staggers a lot. Shadow version is projectile invincible, an opener and linker.

QCB - K = Thrash
A command grab that can be extended by repeating the motion of varying strength. Can be done up to three times only and works as a way to cash out damage. Light is an anti air grab, medium is far reaching and will side switch, heavy is the most damaging of the three and tosses the enemy away. Heavy will always end the chain. If used as the third link in the chain it will do massive damage.

This has three enders depending on the end. Light is a launcher, medium is exchange, and heavy is damage. Shadow Version is a damage ender.

Explanation: This works similar to TJ’s auto barrage or Jax, from MKX, wrestler grab. By initiating the grab, raw or during a combo, Bruce will slam the opponent into the ground. During this time you can buffer the next chain in the grab or let it end there. Visually, Bruce grabs them with his mouth, slams them into the ground and then does the next chain or ends it.

An example is start medium and he slams them behind him (medium grab), buffer that into light where he slams them down again (light grab), and finally where he slams them down and then tosses them far away (heavy ender). Each link in the grab is telegraphed so it’s not impossible to break but can also easily bait counter breakers.

Reasoning: I wanted to give the feeling of having an opponent locked in the jaws of a shark and feeling helpless or attempting to escape as their tossed around like a ragdoll. A three part chain grab seemed perfect for this idea.

DU - P = Breech
Bruce dives into the ground and begins to swim forward. With LP he jumps up and chomps his opponent, this counts as an opener. Slightly plus on block. MP, he knocks them into the air and can juggle. Super unsafe on block. HP, an unblockable attack that staggers his opponent. Bleed ender for combos.

Explanation: This is the bread and butter of Bruce. This attack works like a visible teleport. Bruce dives down and surges forward with his fin visible. Contact with his opponent will not force him to surface. Once he dives he cannot change direction or change the strength of his dive. His opponent can however jump, dash, walk, or run past Bruce as he swims in a direction. MP will catch jump attempts, LP will catch run attempts. HP will only catch someone if they’re stationary and blocking. Shadow Breech will immediately charge to the opponent and count as an opener. It will recapture airborne opponents.

Bleed/Momentum Explanation: If opponent is bleeding Bruce will dash almost immediately to where his opponent is giving them less time to react to said dive. However once Bruce Breeches the Bleed is gone. Same with momentum.

Fighting Style: This character wants to play very aggressive using Breech and Headbutt to get in on his opponent. Once he’s in its about using Thrash to maximize damage and mix it up between going for the full damage chain, flat damage, exchange to get corner advantage or light for launch then flip out or recapture with Shadow Breech. He has some mild juggle abilities and cash out with Shadow Thrash.

He needs another ability that can be used for a linker and is a work in progress balance wise but this is the character in a nutshell. I’m open to changes, opinions and other such things.

So a street shark in KI neat. Well put together. headbutt seems a little too close to Rash’s Ram to my liking but otherwise I like the idea.

A command grab like hakan’s oil dive would be sweet

Orginally it was a closeline type attack but I went with headbutt because that’s kind what Sharks do. Though I am fond of the closeline for the visual alone.

But yeah a Street Shark. Completley forgot about them lol

The closeline could work well with the heavy being an unblockable high hit while the other strengths hit mid.

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Heavy being unblockable and staggering but punishable on a read. Which seems to be a theme for his kit.

If I made the closeline I’d want that to be an exchange ender. Hit them against the neck and slam past them.

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What are the options after breech

After a light breech on block you can pressure. Either go for normals, throw, chain grab, or if you’re really ballsy for go for a point blank heavy breech.

A medium breech is juggle or let them fall and go for oki.

Heavy is a stagger so you have all the options in the world.

Can command grabs be shadow countered?Because I have an idea for a target combo. Its a three hit chain from light to heavy. Heavy is plus but slow. Light is negative but fast. Can be cancelled into thrash at any point so but each hit can he shadow countered which will auto stop the chain. It’s a pressure tool to build momentum and have the threat of thrash hang over his opponent.

I want the idea that if he can’t gain momentum he has to start taking big risks or he’ll be too slow to truly fight back.

I cannot believe someone beat me to the street sharks reference.

90s kid what can I say

Oh wait, this has already been mentioned? What a surprise. :smirk: